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Picture: Tavi

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Tavi is a Virtual Intelligence, used by Jimmy / Shieldwall in the Second Generation stories. Tavi's hardware is a high end personal device called a GridGear, which allows the VI's avatar to project in holographic or hard light display. While mainly an educational tutoring system using software and interfacing designed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for inner city kids in Philadelphia to test using expert system and learning machine principles with access to cloud stored materials for education (broad subject coverage in all normal high school and university topics). However, Tavi is also influenced by a common children's VI personality overlay based on a cartoon ferret. This personality matrix is slightly flawed/corrupt and it gives Tavi a bit more 'range' than the VI was designed to have.

Tavi is known for using out of date pop culture references and goofing around, but does so mainly for relationship development with his student and peers. He will use events for 'teaching moments' in subtle ways.

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