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Saturday, 09 September 2023 00:00

At the End of All Things

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Friday, 08 September 2023 19:00

Sweet Smell of Summer

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Friday, 08 September 2023 19:00


"... It's a nice day for a white wedding
It's a nice day to start again
—Billy Idol, "White Wedding"


Tuesday, 20 June 2023 00:00

Demon Haunted (Part 1)


This story contains attempted suicide, it's minor but there.

I'm avoiding using a lot of slang and ebonics, because I would do a horrible job of it. I'd prefer to avoid humiliating myself and hurting your eyes by attempting it. Sorry, but I know my limitations.

Tuesday, 13 June 2023 00:00

The Mark of Miss Scarlet! (Part 1)

Every supervillain has a tragic origin. For Vivian Harrow, it's putting her obnoxious younger sibling JJ/Jessie!/JJ! in their place.But she's more than up to proving her mettle as the mysterious supervillainess MISS SCARLET!
Of course, that's a lot more easily said than done
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