Everything Goes With Blackmail

Library Sep 19, 2023 Hits: 2744
Author: E. E. Nalley

Icejack 2: Back to School

Canon: Second Generation Sep 11, 2023 Hits: 845
Author: null0trooper

Lady of the Ring (Part 8)

Canon: Second Generation Sep 09, 2023 Hits: 1363
Author: MaLAguA

Another Star in the Night

Canon: Second Generation Sep 09, 2023 Hits: 739
Author: Amethyst

At the End of All Things

Canon: Exploring the World Sep 09, 2023 Hits: 753
Author: Rosalie Redd

Sweet Smell of Summer

Canon: Original Timeline Sep 08, 2023 Hits: 713
Author: Dan Formerly Domoviye


Canon: Exploring the World Sep 08, 2023 Hits: 1185
Author: null0trooper

Lady of the Ring (Part 7)

Canon: Second Generation Sep 04, 2023 Hits: 1093
Author: MaLAguA

A Dragons Tail (Part 2)

Canon: Second Generation Aug 29, 2023 Hits: 1457
Author: Astrodragon

Lady of the Ring (Part 6)

Canon: Second Generation Aug 22, 2023 Hits: 2027
Author: MaLAguA

Archimedes Loss

Library Aug 15, 2023 Hits: 1089
Author: E. E. Nalley

The Countess of Corsica

Library Aug 08, 2023 Hits: 1448
Author: E. E. Nalley


Library Aug 01, 2023 Hits: 1276
Author: Morpheus

The Mark of Miss Scarlet! (Part 3)

Canon: Original Timeline Jul 25, 2023 Hits: 2071
Author: Bek D Corbin

Lady of the Ring (Part 5)

Canon: Second Generation Jul 18, 2023 Hits: 1379
Author: MaLAguA

Professional Courtesy

Library Jul 11, 2023 Hits: 1287
Author: E. E. Nalley

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Friday, 08 September 2023 19:00

Sweet Smell of Summer

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Tuesday, 20 June 2023 00:00

Demon Haunted (Part 1)


This story contains attempted suicide, it's minor but there.

I'm avoiding using a lot of slang and ebonics, because I would do a horrible job of it. I'd prefer to avoid humiliating myself and hurting your eyes by attempting it. Sorry, but I know my limitations.

Tuesday, 13 June 2023 00:00

The Mark of Miss Scarlet! (Part 1)

Every supervillain has a tragic origin. For Vivian Harrow, it's putting her obnoxious younger sibling JJ/Jessie!/JJ! in their place.But she's more than up to proving her mettle as the mysterious supervillainess MISS SCARLET!
Of course, that's a lot more easily said than done
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I was nervous. I'll admit that. Maybe even a little bit frightened. This was my first time breaking the law, well breaking the law with intent. If everything went right and according to plan I'd be a criminal, of the international variety. It sounds impressive doesn’t it?

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“... and that's the story.” I babbled looking at three women in front of me, the fourth person was still behind me holding a knife to my throat. However I was now inside the villa and not much had changed in the main room since I was last here, the entertainment centre was newer and larger, oh and someone had put down some canvas that I was standing on. Which explained why I had told my story so fast and in such a high pitched voice that likely all the dogs nearby had run for the hills.

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I had alot to think about, in a short time I had been kidnapped, become a mutant, died at least three times, changed sex, my mother had been killed and I relived it in her head or my head, been told I was a prisoner on a submarine, the only person who seems to have any redeeming qualities is one of my kidnappers, oh and apparently I smell.



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When people talk about Karedonia depending on who they are various images pop up in your head. Massive engineering project and Wonder of the Modern Age, shining example of how a supervillain can turn over a new leaf, hellhole of human rights abuses, the place to do cutting edge research, newest resort hot spot in the world, wretched hive of scum and villainy, the money laundering capital of the world (a fact much in dispute among other tax havens), pioneer in deep earth mining, a brave social experiment...etc etc. Basically Karedonia is a bit of everything to everyone. What they don't talk about is how to find it. Most people don't need to worry about that bit, they just board a plane and it's the pilot's problem, or a boat and it's the captain's problem, or have their minions take care of it. You get the idea. 

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Thinking about things from the benefit of hindsight I'm realizing the thing is I don't know how my story begins, with Mom's long career in supervillainy, or with me and my sister, or when I was attacked?


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Tuesday, 30 May 2023 02:42

The Beautiful Imp

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The day had started badly for a lot of people. It wasn't getting better.

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A few twists and turns led to a standard interview/interrogation room in a distant way I noticed the smell of new paint and bleach. My hand cuffs were locked to the table and someone did something to the collar device that I guessed was affecting my powers. The room kinda faded out a bit as I just grew more tired, all I wanted was to be left alone, why doesn't this stop, I just want it to stop.

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People talk about having choices all the time, or doing the 'right thing', I keep trying not to go off on their pointy little heads, looking back on it all I never really had a choice until all my choices had been made for me. I'm pretty much over that now but I still find myself thinking about that in the oddest times, like now.

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Tuesday, 20 December 2022 01:00

Tarnished Angels

Unless otherwise noted, all talking is in French.

Merry Christmas.

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