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Thursday, 01 April 2010 10:20

As Above, So Below

A Whateley Academy Tale  April Fool's Day Prank!

As Above, So Below

by Kristin Darken

Elsewhere. Outside time.

The black cloud that represented the Dark Master stood across the Anvil of Service from its opposite, the shimmering energy that was the Holy Light. The Keeper's Hall in which it stood would have been recognizable to any player of the game GEO in any of the mortal realms with whom they maintained contact. The two spoke of the entities they had recently found, tested, and allowed to grow strong throughout the Faded Lands. It was a language of refracted images and body movement with a fluidity only truly possible by incorporeal beings. The complexity of perspective and emphasis would make true translation impossible; yet that was exactly the difficulty they faced in any encounter with physical sentient creatures.

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