• Bittersweet Tea

    • ReadingIsGood 2 months ago
      Creepy, yet sentimental. He...now she, remembers her friends and finishes her enemies.
  • Joy to the World

    • Frazikar 4 weeks ago
      Ah, another one that I remember from elsewhere, still an enjoyable re-read ...
  • Maiden Starlight 1: Maiden Voyage

    • Amethyst Amethyst Yesterday
      Thanks everyone, I'm glad that you've all enjoyed my contribution so far and we will see more in the ...
    • Kerafym 2 days ago
      More please! I want Maiden Starlight to take down the mobsters (monsters?) that hurt her parents!
    • Wrayth 2 days ago
      Thank you for the story.
    • EnemyOfFun EnemyOfFun 6 days ago
      This is VERY good, I LOVE IT!
  • Murphy's Laws of Spirit (Part One)

    • When is next 1 month ago
      So when do we get more please make it soon
  • Sanguine 2: From Darkness to Light

    • Amethyst Amethyst 2 weeks ago
      Good installment, Rose. The scene with the Goobers and the geek humor had me laughing and it's nice to ...
  • The Mighty Morphing Gender Rangers

    • Erikaa 2 weeks ago
      Nicely done.
  • The Miracle Legacy

    • Jayjay 1 week ago
      A Morpheus Masterpiece; most enjoyable.
    • DocSavage 1 week ago
      Thank you for this. I was begging to wonder if any of the authors I liked were still on here. For the ...
    • Wrayth 1 week ago
      I have read the Legacy series several times . Always an entertaining read. Here’s to hoping that the ...
  • The TLC War

    • Monica Rose 2 months ago
      When I started this story, I was put in the mind of a Cary Grant movie where he was dealing with one ...
  • Third Party Hardy

    • Frazikar 1 month ago
      Pretty sure I have read this before somewhere ... still enjoyable just the same
    • Pyro Hawk 1 month ago
      You know, I was very happy to leave a high rating because of the memories I had from when I first ...