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Tuesday, 15 March 2022 00:00

A Strange Fairytale (Part 2)

Teri is free of the Burgermeister.


She has no friends,

No memories,

No hope. 

Where can she turn in her darkest hour?

Monday, 27 December 2021 19:00

A Good Man (Part 3)

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Thursday, 01 April 2010 10:20

As Above, So Below

A Whateley Academy Tale  April Fool's Day Prank!

As Above, So Below

by Kristin Darken

Elsewhere. Outside time.

The black cloud that represented the Dark Master stood across the Anvil of Service from its opposite, the shimmering energy that was the Holy Light. The Keeper's Hall in which it stood would have been recognizable to any player of the game GEO in any of the mortal realms with whom they maintained contact. The two spoke of the entities they had recently found, tested, and allowed to grow strong throughout the Faded Lands. It was a language of refracted images and body movement with a fluidity only truly possible by incorporeal beings. The complexity of perspective and emphasis would make true translation impossible; yet that was exactly the difficulty they faced in any encounter with physical sentient creatures.

Wednesday, 25 August 2004 01:00

Mom, I Don't Feel So Good

A Whateley Academy Tale

Fey: Mom, I Don't Feel So Good

By Maggie Finson

Kansas City September 15th, 2005

Nick Reilly got up from his bed and wished he hadn’t. Every part of his body at least ached, with sporadic jabs of pain from individual parts that informed him they weren’t at all happy with things as they were. As that was being imprinted on his fogged brain, his stomach gave a sudden lurch that had him running for the bathroom. “Ahhh, maaan!

“Nick?” His mother’s voice penetrated his misery, barely. “What’s the matter, honey?”

“I dunno, flu maybe.” The boy managed to answer between bouts of nausea and stabbing pains that made him feel worse than he ever remembered in his thirteen years of life. “All I know is that everything hurts and I feel like my stomach is trying to crawl up my throat and find somewhere else to live until it’s over with.”

“I haven’t heard of any flu going around.” His mother worriedly answered while resting a hand on his forehead. “But you’re burning up. Go back to bed and I’ll call the school to let them know you won’t be going today.”

“Thanks, mom.” Nick staggered back to his room, making sure that a trash can was close to his bed, just in case he needed to puke again and couldn‘t make it back to the bathroom in time. He was asleep before even registering that his mom had followed, making sure that he was covered and feeling his forehead again.

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    • DPRagan 3 months ago
      Well, that escalated fast, Although two 50 foot woman tussling is going to be a big issue room-wise.
    • Darkmuse Darkmuse 3 months ago
      I liked it. Interesting character and I'd like to follow her story.
    • Dan Formerly Domoviye Dan Formerly Domoviye 3 months ago
      Horrid, I understand exactly how you feel. All I can say is that I have a plan for Teri, and it will ...
    • Horrid 3 months ago
      Golly Gee Dan! You had BETTER see to it that things get better for Teri! So many of us have loved ...
    • Dan Formerly Domoviye Dan Formerly Domoviye 3 months ago
      Daelenie, there will be much more to this story. I won't spoil anything, but there is a planned overall ...
    • Daelenie 3 months ago
      Is there any more of this story? I would dearly love to know what happens and if Teri and Rise Blossom ...
    • Dan Formerly Domoviye Dan Formerly Domoviye 3 months ago
      jneko, not gonna lie, I was crying writing parts of this story. There was supposed to be more ...
    • jneko 3 months ago
      it was heart wrenching reading teri talk to herself.
    • Oz1eye Oz1eye 3 months ago
      Love this story; so sweet :-D
    • Dan Formerly Domoviye Dan Formerly Domoviye 4 months ago
      THANK YOU! When I created Shisa (and had Neo introduce her), I wasn't entirely sure what her past ...
    • Horrid 4 months ago
      Gear Dan: I have not yet finished reading it, but you have really impressed me with your first "Cat and ...
    • brudin brudin 4 months ago
      Nice, but one thing. I think french canadian say calisse more than merde as a juron.
    • buckforty 4 months ago
      yep 91-100 goes back to 31-40
    • Dan Formerly Domoviye Dan Formerly Domoviye 4 months ago
      Thank you. I'm going to do my best to do all the characters justice. Some will be more background ...
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    • Kristin Darken Kristin Darken 2 weeks ago
      Commenting on the comment page. Very meta.