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Sunday, 08 August 2021 15:27

Simon DeVille

Sir Simon DeVille


British swindler, forger, smuggler, blackmailer and all-around Upper-Crust Cad.

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Sunday, 08 August 2021 15:14

DeVille Academy

DeVille Academy


In 1921, Sir Simon DeVille opened the DeVille Academy in Lucerne, Switzerland, which trained gutter urchins from around Europe (and later the Globe) in the fine art of Espionage and Covert Operations.

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Saturday, 07 August 2021 20:09

Foundations of the MCO

Foundations of the MCO

In order to understand the MCO, its rationale and corporate culture, you must understand how the MCO came about, the things that happened to bring it into existence.

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