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Tangled Up In Green (Part 16)

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Tangled Up In Green

Heather O’Malley

Kim Possible is owned by the Disney Corporation and have no connection to this what so ever. This is used without their permission and includes a plea not to be sued as I have no money.

Recombinant DNAmy

All things considered it hadn't been all that difficult for the two of them to make their way into DNAmy's lair. The woman never had the greatest grasp on security and the frog wolves that were patrolling the area didn't have much of a chance to notice them as the two stayed to the trees as much as possible. Even Kim had to admit that combination wasn't flattering to either animal, which was saying something, considering she did have a soft spot for the Cuddle Buddies and their Dr. Moreau style.

Once they got to the clearing that had the lab/ lair they descended from the trees and snuck up towards the entrance. Kim was glad she had her battle suit on as it did give her enhanced strength and such, making this easier on her. Sneaking wasn't easy when you were tired. The two young women worked their way into the building with Shego leading, using her skill to bypass the various security features in the lair, such as the slight laser grid and electronic locks.

Slowly the two of them crept through the halls, avoiding various hybrid animals as they made their way to the lab complex at the center. The Pig/ Ducks that were guarding one particular area were just disturbing not just because of looks but also due to the quoink noise they made. DNAmy must be getting a bit nuts to be trying these particular combinations. This was not a comforting revelation to have all things considered.

The two of them were pleased to have reached the center of the lair without having been spotted yet. Everything was designed to keep people away from here but at a certain point the security just sort of stopped, as if it would be more trouble to turn the system on and off to move around the lair. It was a sign of the laziness that they knew DNAmy had with anything not associated with her work. That would be in their favor but it wasn't a great comfort. Shego disarmed the security on the doors into the vast lab complex and looked over at Kimmie, who looked focused and grim. This did not bode well for Amy if she had done something to their daughter.

Shego entered first, slipping through the doors silently, quietly scanning the room to make sure they were safe. The cost was clear, with Amy over by one of the microscopes looking down at something. Shego didn't know what it was and really couldn't care at this point. There was an important reason for them to be there and she would follow through. Kim followed with her weapons out, just in case something happened, figuring better safe than sorry. DNAmy was across the room, tinkering with something, still unaware that the two were in the lab with her. Deciding that they needed to get on with this Shego cleared her throat.

Amy spun around as quickly as her bulk could manage. There was fear in her eyes and that choked her voice, keeping her from calling out for help, not that it would do much good against the two that were before her. It might give her enough time to escape but she was unsure. “Afternoon Amy.”

“Uh…hello there Shego. What can I do for you?” asked the scientist nervously, fidgeting greatly.

“Amy, I'd like you to explain, clearly, just what you did with that little experiment of yours and Drakken that made Princess here pregnant.” Shego lit one hand and rolled her fingers. Amy's eyes never left the destructive flame, well aware of the damage it could cause her.

“I…uh…just did what Drew wanted. I made it so that your genetic structure would be able to impregnate Kim Possible, that's it. I culled whatever bad recessives I could and worked to make sure that the mix would be positive and viable. Honest. Don't…don't hurt me.” The last part was almost whispered in fear as the heavyset woman crouched down in fear.

“Amy, if you told me the truth about this than I'll let you go, no harm no foul, but if I later find out that you lied to me and that Kimmie's and my child has any sort of defects…” Shego just left the threat hanging in the air but lighting her other hand and making both of them blaze hotter.

DNAmy actually looked appalled at that, as if she were affronted by what the dark haired woman were saying. “I…I could never hurt a child like that Shego.”

“We have your word then?” Kim finally spoke, but her voice no less threatening than Shego's, as she stepped much more clearly into DNAmy's line of sight.

“Absolutely. If you want I can run your information through my sequencer to see if there are any possible issues, but I kind of doubt there would be. I will do what ever I can to make you feel better about this. So, please, I'm too young to be pummeled.” Amy was not pleased that she hadn't noticed the red head earlier. This situation was worse than she thought. She was outnumbered and outgunned. If anything, Possible scared DNAmy more than Shego, as Amy was well aware that se could never endure the kind of damage that Shego seemed to shrug off in her encounters with Kim. If the red head got really upset she might even kill the geneticist, and that was almost a best case scenario in her mind. The visions her imagination was creating was worse than either woman would ever do, but they did nothing to dissuade her from thinking like that.

Shego looked over at Kim, who was biting her lower lip, in thought and worry. The green skinned woman understood that worry but she did know DNAmy a bit better than Kim, having watched the woman flirt with Drakken and moon over the blue skinned scientist. It had been disturbing but had given Shego a good read on the woman. Se was satisfied and was just wondering if her wife was. “Well Pumpkin?”

Kim shook her head. There were other questions, about various factors of the gene sequencing and such, but it was clear based off of the stress indicators in DNAmy's voice that the woman wasn't lying to her. And besides, she had actually sounded hurt and offended at the implication that she would have done something purposefully to the child. It looked like she could trust the woman to be truthful with her on this. “No, if DNAmy says she did it right, then I believe her. Come on, let's go.”

Shego watched as Kim turned and left the lab, weapons back into their carrier. Before she followed, Shego turned to face Amy again, face filled with menace. “You know what will happen to you if I find out that you lied to me about this…right?”

Amy gulped and nodded, her eyes never leaving the plasma that danced over the other woman's fist. Lying to the obviously irritated woman was the last thing on her mind at that point. She did have some survival skills that she utilized, like when she had decided that mixing Grizzly Bear and Great White Shark might not end well. Besides, Shego didn't threaten, she promised.

“Okay. Well, have a nice day then.” Shego almost seemed chipper when she said that, turning and heading for the door to the lab.

DNAmy collapsed against her work table once the thief left the room in relief and exhaustion. All she had been able to see was her life flashing before her eyes and it hadn't been as entertaining as she had hoped. It had made her realize that there were several things that she wanted to do before she died, besides creating the ultimate Cuddle buddy. Shego's voice snapped her head up in terror, “Oh…one more thing.”

Amy gurgled in fear as something flew through the doorway and landed in her lap. She fainted as the somewhat rare Bat/ Owl Cuddlebuddy bounced off of her and onto the floor, her body falling backwards onto the tile. The green eyed ex-thief chuckled at this as she caught up to her wife for the trek home.


Shego was sitting against the headboard, with Kim lying back against her chest, between the older girls legs, held in the pale arms. Soft kisses to the back of the head kept Kim's eyes closed in happiness as she murmured, “Mmmmmm…I like that.”

“Mmmmm…me too. Feel better now about our little girl?” asked Shego, as she ran a hand up and down one of Kim's arms. Shego was finding that she really wanted to touch Kimmie all of the time, which was a little odd given how little she had touched anyone in her whole life. But it wasn't that bad she figured.

“Yeah. I feel better knowing that she won't be a genetic freak.” Kim still sounded stressed, but not as much as she had earlier, before their visit to DNAmy's lair.

“Well, she's still my kid.” grumbled Shego, aware that she was, by definition, a genetic freak.

“That'll just means she will be beautiful,” countered Kim, making Shego blush and hide her face in the mass of red hair. The things Kim was telling her were things she wasn't used to hearing. “Just like you are.”

Shego struggled for an idea for a change of topic, anything that would help get the heat out of her face so that they could deal with something else, anything else. That she had trouble accepting compliments was a well known issue for her and one she didn't want to get into right now. “Hey, what are we going to name our daughter?”

“I don't know. We could do something like Kasy or Sheki by mixing our names?” responded Kim, having no problem with following up this topic as it was one the two young women hadn't broached yet.

“Nah, too derivative. What about Kaylee?” Shego liked the name and  threw it out.

“The mechanic from Firefly? Might as well call her something really off like Kaylee Inara Buffy Possible.” snorted Kim, amused.

Shego mock gasped. “Gah…Whedon overdose. Ack…!”

“Well, if she has your skin tone we can call her Jade.” Replied Kim, pondering things what their daughter would actually look like, but sure that she would be beautiful regardless.

“No. Absolutely not. Naming her like that would just get her teased and then sent home for beating the idiots into submission.” Shego had been teased enough for her skin color in high school and cringed at the idea of their daughter getting teased about that in elementary school, where kids were really cruel.

“So do we want something normal or strange?” asked Kim, trying to find some sort of parameter for the process.

“I guess normal would be for the best. If we name her something like Arwen or Eowyn or Rhapsody or Hermione or some such, people will claim we're not original.” said Shego. “I mean, what's wrong with something like Melanie Anne Possible?”

Kim was quiet for a moment, letting the name sink over her, feeling it out. “Melanie Anne?”

“Well, that would make her at least the third generation with Anne in her name, right?” asked Shego, sure that she remembered Kim's mother's name correctly. “If guys can name their kids like that why not us? Besides, I kind of…you know…like the name Anne.”

Kim smiled and gripped the woman's leg tighter. “I kind of like Melanie Anne. It's nice. But then again by the time the baby is born we'll probably be so punch drunk she'll end up being named something like Zenobia Faith.”

Shego snerked at that. “Zenobia…that's funny. So, should we start a list? That way when we get closer to the date we don't end up naming her after the first two things we see.”

“That might be a good idea. Speculum Nurse Possible sounds stupid.” agreed Kim, giggling, which started Shego off as well.

As Kim's laughter tapered off she leaned over, grabbed her Kimmunicator and opened a file she called Names. She entered Melanie Anne quickly and then put it back down. “There, we have the first official name option for our daughter.”

“I just kind of wonder how long the list will get before she's born.” pondered Shego.

“Who knows, but at least our little muffin here will have a name by the end of this.” stated Kim, glad that they were making some sort of progress towards their daughter's name.

Shego snorted at the nickname for their child. “Muffin?”

Kim blushed, which Shego could tell by the color of the tips of Kim's ears, which were visible. “Well, yeah…she's our little Love Muffin.”

Shego groaned at that, aware that food based nicknames were always a little odd and this time overly cutesy. “I can't believe you said that Princess.”

Kim grabbed the green woman's hand and rubbed it over her belly playfully. “But it's Kimmie and Eme's Love Muffin.”

Shego started laughing again and soon Kim joined in as well. They both really laughed hard over this, despite it not really being all that funny. It was a good release of all the stress of the last two days.  Anne knocked on the door and heard a chortled “Come in.”

“What is so funny girls?” Anne had an eyebrow quirked, obviously trying to figure out what had so amused the two girls.

Shego snerked at the question and then said. “Cupcake here decided to start calling our daughter Muffin.”

Kim laughed at that, finding the nickname terribly funny at the moment because of what it might just imply about the two of them. She was so totally going to share with the older woman. “Well, if I'm a cupcake and she's a muffin that would make you a biscuit.”

Anne chuckled at that, pleased to see the two girls teasing each other so playfully. It was much preferred over fighting to the death in her opinion. “So you have a muffin in the oven?”

The two girls on the bed fell over howling with laughter. Whenever it started quieting down, on or the other of them would say either cupcake or biscuit, starting the whole thing over again. Anne just shook her head, amused at the two. “Good night girls and could the bread group keep it down in here?”

Anne shut the door on the laughter, smiling happily at the couple. She certainly hoped that their little muffin would be as cared for as her little bubble butt had. If so than that muffin would be a happy little girl.


Kim lay there in Shego's arms contentedly, smiling happily as the pale hand rubbed her belly slightly. There was the slightest of pooches there that changed the shape of her normally flat belly but she didn't mind. She was kind of glad that there was some sort of sign that their little muffin was on her way out into the world, as it had been a few months already and there had been no sign or anything besides the morning sickness and her getting overly emotional. In roughly seven months Shego and she would be parents and on one hand it was terrifying and on the other hand exciting. Kim knew that they would be happy, happier than she had ever been in her life now that she had Shego. It was almost stunning how sure she knew that.

The pale skinned woman was warm and soft against her back and Kim wanted nothing more than to lie there all day and bask in that pleasurable warmth, but her stomach protested her being awake and Kim sadly got to her feet, to stumble towards the bathroom. Her bladder ached with need as she began to vomit, hating the acidic taste in her mouth. This was the only thing she hated about this pregnancy so far, and she was looking forward to getting into her second trimester and leaving it behind. A short while later however, she felt her hair lifted away from her face and a cool wash cloth placed against the back of her neck. That was more proof of love than anything else Kim could think of. Shego obviously loved her because she could stand being in there while Kim's stomach tried to escape. It touched her how much her pale green wife loved her.

Shego had a glass of mineral water ready, the carbonated kind that they had discovered had soothed the teen's stomach as well as a pack of saltine crackers, for when Kim was ready to stop vomiting, just to give her something to put into her stomach. Once Kim was finished and able to drink some of the water she shooed the taller woman from the room. She might love Shego but she couldn't pee in front of her. That was a bit too personal for her, not to mention embarrassing.

Shego for her part went downstairs and helped her mother-in-law make oatmeal. She knew she liked the stuff and had seen how happily Kimmie had devoured the stuff. It behooved her to know how to make the warm breakfast cereal as Kim was skilled in many things but had issues with cooking, much to the red head's dismay. Besides, if things continued to go according to plan, Shego would need to be worried about providing food for her little family sooner rather than later and that thought made her smile. She was ready to do more to take care of her wife as opposed to helping Pumpkin's parents take care of their daughter. This was her wife, her responsibility.

When Kim came down, Shego handed her a mug of coco-moo and a bowl of oatmeal with a little kiss on her cheek. The tweebs made all sorts of gagging icky noises about that but Kim only blushed happily at the display of affection. Shego soon joined her after refilling Mr. Possible's coffee mug. The two girls smiled at each other off and on through the meal, clearly still in the honeymoon phase of their marriage. Anne smirked to herself in preparation, wanting to make sure the timing was right. “Muffins anyone?”

Her timing had been impeccable and Kim and Shego had sprayed their beverages all over Jim and Tim. The twins yelped and scampered out of the line of fire, wiping the chocolate beverage off of themselves with their shirts. Anne hid her smile and she caught James' eye. He approved of the prank, knowing that the twins needed to be teased sometimes for their own good. It looked to be shaping up to be a good morning.


Thank you for reading and here is your Christmas present. I will probably hold off until the 28th for the next chapter, to give myself another bunch of stories between this one and where I'm writing. Take care and see you soon.

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