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Blatant story theft on Youtube

18 Mar 2024 03:10 - 18 Mar 2024 03:10 #3411 by Sir Lee
The latest chapter on the saga of fighting story thieves... now, besides the fake-authorship Kindle publishing, some of those lowlifes run stories through a text-to-speech program, dub it over some sort of generic video, and post it on YouTube as if it were their work, reaping the ad credits.
There's a thread on the Fictionmania Hyperboard about one of the more blatant thieves. One of the victims is Morpheus, as mentioned in the posting I'm quoting below:

Posted by leela® on 03/16/2024 at 09:17:08Subject: Re: Story thiefMorpheus’ story: fictionmania.tv/stories/djinn/GenieWishes.txt

Is the same as:

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18 Mar 2024 03:14 #3412 by Crazy Minh
1. That's scummy as frak.
2. Man, that AI generated voice is *rough*. It's barely better than a old text-to-speech program.
3. ...OK, but, counterpoint...it's Fictionmania. Like, there's a old saying about scraping the bottom of the barrel (then again, the author in question is Morpheus, so IDK, in this case it is awful. But with Fictionmania, quality is the exception, not the rule.). They could be doing far, far worse than pulling stories off that particular Pit of Voles.

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29 Mar 2024 01:17 #3429 by Naldru
This sort of thing has been going on since before there was an internet. In the 1970's, I heard about a person who was copying stories out of the some British science fiction magazines and then submitting them to American science fiction magazines (Analog, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Galaxy, etc.) He actually got paid for some of these. Of course, it didn't take long for the truth to come out.

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30 Mar 2024 09:28 #3430 by EnemyOfFun
There was a website some years back that pulled a lot of stories off Big Closet and tried publishing and I think selling some as their own. This shit sucks so much. I checked that YouTube page a few weeks ago but there was too much for me to go through to see if any of my stuff was up there.

Don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry :P

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