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Fan voting on band names for Gen 2 story

25 Aug 2021 17:30 - 25 Aug 2021 17:35 #270 by ElrodW
In a story in Gen 2, we will have a number of high-school/college age bands in a festival/competition, and we want our fans to help choose the names of some of the 'background' bands. This has been noted in the Whateley Discord channel, so I'm noting it here. Please PM me up to 10 votes from the following list (here or Discord). One set of votes per person, please.
I will down-select from this round of voting, and either see some clear winners, or we'll do a second round to pick the top 10 or 12 (or so). Most will be just names of bands mentioned to add background to the story (stage dressing, if you will). (And this is not Chicago, so the admonition "vote early, vote often" does not apply :haha: )

# 42 Meal Deal
# 42 Meal Deal
667-The Neighbor of the Beast
A figgy Effigy
Animen band: It's In Our Genes
Baby Snark
Back Hair
Bad Bad Ideas
Band Name For Sale
Beat Down
Beat Meter
Bionic Bees
Blanket Capes
Bleeding Ulcer
Bloodyear Gimp
Braided Back Hair
Breaking Vlad
Bunny Buttz
Capes in a Blanket
Catgirl Hairball
Chocolate Urinal Cakes
Clef Notes
Clitical Ass
Clockwork Sheep
Computer Nurse Maid
Crapshot Superheroes
Crimson Rain
Critical Ass
Dats and Cogs
Death Mint
Death Valley Lifeguards
Devolving Minds
dirty Animen band: It's In Our Jeans
Dogs and Cats Sleeping Together
Drow Emergence
Evolution Roxx
Exempt Lars
F-Bomb Effigy
Filthy Proposition
Geriatric Giants
Gin and Harmonic
Ginger Rage
Goblin Snark
Great White Snark
Grizzley Scat
Guitar Zero
In Vein
Incompetent Ninjas
Insert Name Here
Invisible Nudists
Itchy Bum
Jurassic Snark
Left-Handed Monkey Wrench
Machines against the rage
Magic Pants
Mental Cramps
Mermaid Sushi
Metal band Gut Shot
Minced Spleen
Mister Wrong
My Fae-Vorite Songs
Narcoleptic Owl
New Mutant Lovers
Nirvana cover band Shawarma
No Hit Wonder
No Refunds
Nuclear Sunburn
Order 66
Own Goal
Perpetual Mood Swing
Phantom Phlyers
Points of Contention
Pretty Little Lies
Priests of Atheism
Primordial GOO
Radically Chick
Radioactive Omelet
Rage Against the MCU
Raining Frogs and Toads
Rancid Goat Vomit
Random Acts of Blindness
Random Acts of Boredom
Random Acts of Silliness
Random Acts of Stupid
Red Rage
rEvolveR - Wendy
rewritten history
Rhythmic Grunting
Roguish Pierogi
Room Destroyers
Salvaged Devises
Sand in Uncomfortable Places
Seasick Sailors
Seventeenth Sense
Shattered Tablets
Shock Value Meal
Snark Week
Some Assembly Required
Spaceship Stabwound
Splinter Bum
Stabby Bunny
Sugardaddy is a Supervillain
The Band That Shall Not Be Named
The Darwin Awards (the dumbest band on Earth)
The Instigators
The madmen
The Mighty Cucks
The Murder Bunnies
The Nameless Band (Hey, we couldn't think of a name)
The Nights Exemplar [add got me there for a minute]
The Notes Not Played
The nutcrackers
The Pink Agenda
The Possessed
The Prank Legends
The Product
The Rebel Ally Ants
Three PhDs.
Tomato Targets
Tone Death
Torn Pants
U R Hear
Unwritten History
Uranium Enriched Wheat
Wall Street Abbatoir
Want Pie With that?
We broke
We Need Gigs
Who Cut The Cheese?
Woman Scorned
Zombie Snark
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26 Aug 2021 16:18 #276 by mhalpern
Hmm no Ignition! 't want a band name that would get their chemistry teachers to look for the nearest exit?

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