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17 Mar 2022 12:24 #1496 by sieri
Caged was created by sieri
A place to discuss, My first story, Faraday 1: Caged.

Sorry can't link stuff if I understand the forum's spam limitation.

Faraday has been a concept I've had in my head ever since I discovered Whateley years ago, and I'm happy to finally have given her life online. I hope you've enjoyed too if you read it.
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03 Apr 2022 18:05 #1567 by Marian Griffith
Replied by Marian Griffith on topic Caged
I really liked the premise of the story. The manifestation was fun to read about. I cannot of course comment on the cultural aspects of Switzerland, so I will have to assume these are accurately written by somebody from the country.
I also appreciated that a mutant did arrive at Whateley in a problematic way that could not be blamed on the MCO. While they are the bogeyman of the Whateleyverse, this story shows that they need not be the only ones.

Sha must be a (very) high level gadgeteer, given how easily she solves some problems, and designed a safe room for herself while trapped in a container makig its slow way across the Atlantic ocean. I hope to read more of her stories, especially the ones where she runs into some of the problems that have been associated with creating a telepresence at Whateley (). Getting to see her interaction with the lab crew is a potential source of fascinating conflict. Quite a few egos in the tunnels after all :)
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03 Apr 2022 21:54 #1568 by sieri
Replied by sieri on topic Caged
Thank you!
I'm indeed Swiss so it's all accurate (except maybe for the german)
While I've not set the definitive numbers for her levels, she's not that high of a gadgeteer, as the level indicates more how advanced the technology made is done, she's at the level done in the real world, except for her specialty subject of information theory and encryption. She's fast because she already had an engineering mindset and has a high level exemplar mental package, which allows her to work quickly.

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