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× While not all the characters living in Melville in the stories happen to be villains, it seems a good place to house our discussions of the 'bad guys and gals' here in the forums. Keep in mind that not all villains in the stories are antagonists... more than a few are protagonists. But for those in opposition to our protagonists? This is where you can talk about them.


17 Sep 2022 19:21 - 17 Sep 2022 19:47 #2384 by Marian Griffith
GEO was created by Marian Griffith
We know from canon that GEO was both addictive and fun, as well as (from Whisper) that there was something odd, or oddly wrong, with the game. For some reason it very strongly wanted to force players to choose between good and evil and was willing to cheat on players who were too successful on avoiding that choice.

From Gen 2 we only know that something happened shortly after the events described in Gen 1 so far, that caused GEO to be closed down. It was bad enough that even after all those years people did not play MMOs anymore. While game genres get popular and fall out of favour all the time, they don't simply disappear like that all of a sudden.

So ... what may have happened with that game, and the intent of the people or entities behindit?

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18 Sep 2022 17:13 #2388 by DanZilla
Replied by DanZilla on topic GEO
I've been assured by the authors that we'll be showing that during this school year... I can't give any more details than that I'm afraid.

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