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× While not all the characters living in Melville in the stories happen to be villains, it seems a good place to house our discussions of the 'bad guys and gals' here in the forums. Keep in mind that not all villains in the stories are antagonists... more than a few are protagonists. But for those in opposition to our protagonists? This is where you can talk about them.

Andrew Mahren

30 Aug 2021 14:40 #319 by mhalpern
Andrew Mahren was created by mhalpern
you've gotta feel sorry for his attorneys, both for the divorce, which even without bias favoring the wife, will still clean him out, and the kidnapping charge (just cause he did it through abusing the legal system doesn't mean it isn't a crime, just means its better documented)

The person himself better hope for a long sentence, because he will "disappear" once he's

Micro scenes and bad ideas are freely adoptable

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