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Falling by Null0trooper

09 Sep 2023 00:00 #3033 by DanZilla
Falling can be found in the Gen 0 section or by using the link below... and please remember our authors are doing this for the response they get... please leave comments where you can for appreciated stories or if you have anything to bring to the conversation of written word and readers.

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09 Sep 2023 04:09 #3041 by Dreamer
Replied by Dreamer on topic Falling by Null0trooper
Below is a stream of conscious commentary I type up as I read the story. There will be details from the story included in it. If you have not read the story yet and don't wish to have details of it spoiled, read no further.

Falling comments
Warning: Spoiler!

Thank You for the story comments appreciated and help me know they are being read and liked. :-) Note: My story comments can't nor are trying to replace reading the stories, simply my way of enjoying them and letting the authors know I enjoy them.
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09 Sep 2023 05:06 #3042 by null0trooper
First, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read over my short story!

How did they get an Exemplar like Justin into such a state?

Probably by rail, but Georgia's a pretty enough state at the right time of year for a drive!

What are you plotting, Paul? You implanted a trigger phrase and memory blank to forget it afterward, you are lower than pond scum. Thinking he is helping out Justin when he is simply manipulating him.

How often does the road to Hell start out paved with little white lies that we justify loudest to ourselves?

Myra looks like Stephanie, she TA'd one of his classes and worked as his research assistant, uh oh. Memories are recorded straight from the neurons in the brain, Paul is right, the first time that is accepted in court as evidence the witness or inventor of such a device will be killed. Justin has a lot of plans for this invention, but it sounds dangerous either way.

One of the problems posed any new technology or use of power is how dangerous its misuse, even well-intentioned misuse can be. Consider that all of a person's senses are filtered and interpreted through such memories. Change those, you change a person's entire world. You're a god.

Late evening, November 15, 2006,
Carolinas Medical Center, Charlotte, North Carolina.

God, the toll working Search and Rescue has, even without the issues of her power could eventually break anyone. Blaming herself for not getting there sooner to save an old man. A squall causing that kind of damage, even with superpowers you can't save everyone from a natural disaster.

The story is fictional. Unfortunately, the tornado outbreak of November 14–16, 2006, isn't.

A good, but painful story to read seeing Justin so desperate to save Stephanie, the issues Stephanie was having, and Paul there acting like the perfect friend when all along he is plotting to use an invention of Justin's for his own schemes. I hope somehow, someway that Justin figures out Paul before it is too late.

They were roommates and training teammates, Justin knows how Paul's powers work. What comes next is just enough success to make it more valuable to employ their diversifying services than to kill them and take their stuff.

"No Heroes" Part 4: Story link .

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