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The Original Idea for Forte

15 Nov 2022 07:12 - 15 Nov 2022 07:27 #2479 by Dan Formerly Domoviye
Going through my old files, and I found the old character sheet that was the inspiration for Forte. I wrote this years ago, a little after making Shisa.

There are a lot of differences between Forte and Cyren, including her background, but people may be interested in seeing the original idea.
Couldn't put this one part in because it would spoil some things for Shisa, but Cyren was a lot less willing to hurt people than Forte is.


Name: Alana Martell
Date of birth: 2001, January 13
Gender: Female
Cottage: Whitman
Place of Birth: Denver Colorado, moved to Washington State, near Seattle just after her thirteenth birthday.
Eye colour: light brown
Hair colour: Sandy blonde, patchy in front from scars, long in back and sides.
Build: Average, a little stocky.
Weight: without her cyber parts 95lbs. with her parts 183lbs.

Distinguishing features: missing her legs just below the knees. Right arm badly scarred and her hand is mangled, only her thumb and fore finger remain. Light burn scars on her chest, face and scalp. Has cybernetic devises on her legs and right arm hidden by clothing, her cyber parts chime when she moves.

Powers: Devisor 4 


Alana was unlucky.
She was not happy when her father got a good job near Seattle forcing her to move from her home in Denver. She was a shy girl and knew she was going to be friendless and alone at her new school.
That turned out to be the least of her problems.

On her first day in English class, she was seated next to a cute boy and thought that things were looking up. Unfortunately the boy was a newly manifested mutant and he was going through burnout. He exploded just a few feet away from her, badly burning her, shattering her hand and neatly amputating her legs.
Doctors said it was a miracle she survived.

She began the slow recovery process, but it went a little faster then doctors expected. Once she was physically healed her hands were far more dexterous then they should have been. They also found she had perfect pitch, and instead of suffering hearing loss from the explosion her hearing was almost superhuman.

When doctors recommended testing her for the mutant gene, her parents refused. Her father actually brought in a lawyer to help him prove his daughter wasn't a freak of nature.

Understanding what was at stake, Alana played along, pretending her hearing wasn't so good on the next flurry of tests. She also had to deal with all the new ideas in her head. Instead of writing them down as notes, she began writing a sci-if story with the plans and ideas hidden in the story.

By the time she left the hospital she had her first devise down on paper.She proceeded to get various model and chemistry kits, telling her parents if she couldn't be pretty she might as well be smart, and got to work.

Her first creation was a type of sound suppression system that could work either as a general sound suppression devise, or a one way suppression system. This let her work quietly while listening to what her parents were doing.

That done she began growing crystals using a unique devised chemical slurry. When the crystals had matured she ground them up in a special solution and dropped in some metal scraps she had collected. A week later she had her first batch of sonic metal. The metal moved to sound vibrations and she kept improving and fine tuning it.

Two months later she had a working cybernetic arm made out of her sonic metal. Then she started working on her legs.

Her parents left her alone much of the time, so she found it easy to hide from them. However that kept her from realizing that her mother and father were getting ever closer to H1. By some miracle of timing she went to show them her working arm and legs just after they'd officially joined the anti mutant group.

After an epic argument in which Alana refused to throw away her cybernetics, she ran away from home.

Finding herself in Seattle, Alana planned on making devises to sell. But when she tried to set up shop in an old building a gang came around to harass her. Shisa found out and went to defend the new girl.

After a nasty fight that had a superhero come along to see what was going on, Shisa and Alana ran away together.


Originally a bit shy and going with the flow, since manifesting her personality has changed severely. Her humour has become self deprecating, coarse and sarcastic. She prefers standing out even if it's in a bad way, and will flout some social mores simply to show she can. Whether this is due to her accident, her time on the street or her manifesting and getting a touch of Diedricks, is unknown.
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