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Tangled Up In Green (Part 6)

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Tangled Up In Green

Heather O’Malley

Kim Possible is owned by the Disney Corporation and they have no connection to this what so ever. These characters are used without their permission and include a plea not to be sued as I have no money.

Good Morning Starshine

Kim slowly drifted awake, feeling warm and protected, which made her sigh happily. She blinked in surprise as she felt another body nestled up against her and looked in surprise at the green arm that had snaked over her body. It was cupping one of her breasts and Kim was taken aback by how normal ad right it felt. It was comfortable and after how sick and miserable she had been last night she wasn’t going to fight that too much. She closed her eyes and lay back again, nestled against the woman who was spooning her. This was where she wanted to be right now and all was right with the world.

When she had woken up a little bit more after a few minutes of smiling blissfully, just enough to register that it was Shego in her bed with her, Kim wigged out a little more. She was getting groped by Shego, her wife, her enemy, Shego. What the hell was she going to do? Her muscles tensed, trying to figure out what they were going to do in this sitch. A voice purred in her ear and Kim almost shuddered at the warm breath against her skin. “Morning Princess. Sleep well?”

“Shego…why are you in my bed?” Kim asked nervously, trembling slightly, trying to decide between fleeing and staying comfortable. Her body knew what it wanted and her mind was opposing that plan, which kept her tensed and poised to move.

“Your mom. When I asked where I was going to sleep she said that we were married and should figure that out on our own. The bed looked more comfortable than the couch or the floor. Sorry, Kimmie. Do…do you want me to go?” Shego didn’t sound as sure as she usually did at the end.

“Yes…no…I don’t know.” Kim frowned in concentration. Ever since Shego had hit her with that whatever it was, her life had fallen apart. But this was both good and bad. Shego was warm, which was nice but it was Shego, in bed with her. But then again, Shego was her wife. But then again, Kim wasn’t a lesbian…was she? If this felt good then maybe she was but it made her nervous so maybe she wasn’t. Thankfully both her bladder and her stomach saved her from any other worry, urging her to get to the bathroom ASAP.

Kim scampered out of the bed and Shego enjoyed the view, as the girl was well muscled but still had some padding to soften things. It had been a truly restful night of sleep for her as well and she couldn’t really remember the last time she had slept so solidly. When she heard Kim begin vomiting however, Shego bounded from the warm bed and hustled to the bathroom quickly to hold the girl’s hair and get a cold wash cloth to put on the back of her neck. Shego sat there patiently while Kim moaned in unhappiness, rubbing the girl’s back. Maybe something to lighten the mood? “So…this happens everyday?”

Kim just nodded, a little bit of bile coming up. Finally the churning stopped and Kim slumped back, sure that Shego would get her like she had last night. The green woman’s body was warm and Kim just sighed, cuddling against her. She felt horrible but at least she was being cared for. “I don’t wanna go to school.”

“Kimmie, it’s only a few hours. You can do that standing on your head. Tell you what, you go to school and I will try to find a way that we can spar safely. Well? Do we have a deal?” Shego knew Kim should go to school, despite her wanting to keep Kimmie home and safe.

What Shego was offering sounded so good and so fun that Kim readily agreed. After she shooed her new wife out of the bathroom, she showered, which made her feel better. Today didn’t seem so bad at that point. Shego was thankfully out of her bedroom as well, so Kim was able to get dressed without worrying about being leered at. Well, maybe Shego wouldn’t leer exactly, but she would certainly make comments. Kim then realized that she had been missing the taunts. After years of banter with Shego, going several weeks without any made her feel a bit off. Just being called Kimmie, or Princess or Pumpkin or something else made her feel…maybe special wasn’t the word exactly but it was close. And the biting jibes had at least let her know that Shego had taken her seriously. There were enough people who only saw her age and discounted anything that she said or did.

Shego was downstairs with a cup of coffee chatting with the new in-laws when Kim came in. Their daughter was smiling which certainly caught the parents’ attention as she had spent the last few weeks barely moving, let alone smiling. After another wholesome breakfast and her neonatal vitamins, Kim left for school with good-byes for everyone. Once the door closed, and their daughter safely out of the way however, the interrogation began.

“What happened last night?” This from the mother, the one Shego had figured she should stay on the good side of. James just sat there and glowered. It was better than Ron’s, that was for sure, but he came across as Anne’s sidekick.

“Well, I climbed in bed and we slept. That’s it. I swear.” She had her hands halfway up, as if she were surrendering. With everything that had been going on, perhaps keeping them on her side was a good plan.

Kim’s mom stared at the villain, weighing the truth of her words and then nodded in acceptance. Shego breathed a sigh of relief. “Okay. I believe you. Any idea why she is cheerful this morning?”

“Well, I think yesterday may have been extremely cathartic for Kimmie and that let her release a lot of the tension she has been holding onto. That right there could explain things. Kimmie was so shut down, feeling like she was alone in this and now she’s not. Just knowing what had happened and that I quit everything to be with her had to have helped as well.” Shego was glad that her degree work had included plenty of Psych courses, which had helped her in her career, of course, since most supervillains were simply kids who had never grown up, and had certainly helped her in understanding Kimmie.

Anne nodded, running that through her head. “Makes sense. So, do you think that she will be getting better then?”

Shego shrugged, framing ad reframing things over in her head and then laying out her idea. “She should. If she was dealing with shock and feeling alone then this should help. I also think she is afraid and feeling vulnerable, which must be making her crazy as well. I have an idea which should help with that. I want to check to make sure that Kimmie can spar safely at least until the second trimester. That would give her the physical outlet she needs and let her realize that she can still defend herself.”

James and Anne stared at each other in surprise. “Fight?”

“Princess has fought with me a lot over the last few years, sometimes several days in a row. Feeling like she couldn’t, afraid for the baby, could cause her to see herself as weak and unable to defend herself, which she is anything but. I just want to help her realize that. And the exercise will do her good.” She explained to her in-laws, an idea itself which was a bit unsettling. She was worried about it as well, as the abdomen was a classic target for things and the one that Kimmie most often left open. If she could find a way to armor Pumpkin ten she should be able to make this plan work.

The two parents looked at Shego, looked at each other, communicating without words and then back at their green daughter-in-law. Shego was actually worried about what they might say. Kimmie was their little girl, after all. “Okay. Just be safe.”


Kim’s mood had dropped as the day had worn on. Right now she just wanted to get home and hide in her room, fending off Ron’s suggestions to head to Bueno Nacho as the thought of the fast food Mexican churned her stomach. When she got home, everything seemed quiet, which concerned her. Where was Shego? “Shego?”

“Up here Kimmie cub!”

Kim shook, a dirty feeling washing over her, to hear that nickname from someone else’s mouth, especially someone who had been groping her that morning. It felt like she had been dunked in oil. “Gah! Don’t call me that!”

Kim headed upstairs at a run, wanting to pummel the green woman for daring to utter something so unholy. Shego was at Kim’s desk, apparently surfing the web when Kim stormed in. The smile that was turned onto the girl who could do anything only caused the red head to narrow her eyes. It was friendly and mischievous and seemed to be plotting. “Get changed Kimmie cub, I’ll be in the back yard. Then you can let me know what you think about that nickname.”

While Kim glanced at the pile of clothes on the bed, Shego made her escape. There were workout clothes laid out on the bed as well as a padded Tae Kwon Do chest and abdomen protector. Kim blinked several times, trying to figure out what was going on when she remembered what Shego had promised her that morning as a bribe to get her to go to school. Hitting something or someone would feel good right about now so she hastily changed, strapping the unaccustomed armor to herself. It felt odd and would take some getting used to.

Shego was doing some yoga stretches when Kim appeared, already armored and looking ready to fight. She looked at her wife questioningly and asked, “Aren’t you going to stretch first?”

Kim paused. “We never had time to stretch before, so why start now?”

Shego shrugged and slid into her fighting stance, grinning broadly. “Alright…are you ready…Kimmie-cub.”

Kim launched herself at the green woman, starting her attack and all but spitting out, “Don’t…call…me…Kimmie-cub!”


Ron Stoppable was many things but foremost was the fact that he was a good friend. Kim seemed down, better than she had been the day before which was nice but certainly down. A visit from the Ron-ster and Rufus should be enough to cheer anyone up. Ron had the power to make anyone feel better.

He walked on in to the Possible house, having gotten permission to do that back in third grade and looked around for Kim. “KP?”

The sound of a thud, of flesh hitting body, of a growl of anger caught his hearing. He rushed towards the sound, hoping his mystical monkey powers would show up, so he could save his friend. Something was going on and she needed his help. “I’m coming KP!”

Kim was back flipping away from a series of plasma bolts as Shego neared swiftly. He knew it; this had all been a ruse, a ploy to get KP to lower her guard. Ron circled around Shego and was trying to sneak up on the villain. He was ready to launch his attack when both of the women stopped and looked at him. “Ron?” “Buffoon?”

Ron stood there, hands poised in attack, confused. Why had they stopped fighting? They were trying to kill each other…right? It was then that he noticed that Kim was wearing some sort of padded armor over her torso. It looked like it might keep her belly safe. What was going on? “Uhm…KP?”

“Ron?” asked Kim, trying to figure out why the blonde boy had been ready to attack Shego.

“Isn’t she attacking you?” He sounded unsure as he asked.

“No. We were exercising. I was just getting ready to counterattack as well.” stated Kim.

“You wish Princess.” scoffed Shego.

Ron stood there, still poised to jump in and help his best friend, looking between the two women, trying to figure out who was crazy, him or them. His brain was stumbling a little. “Hunh?”

“Come on Ron. You broke the mood. I don’t feel like fighting any more and I could use some water.” Kim shrugged and lowered her guard.

The three of them headed into the house. Shego went to get some water, motioning for Kim to take a seat. Both Ron and Kim were surprised by this action. “Shego, I’m not that fragile. I can get a glass of water myself.”

“I know. If you were fragile I wouldn’t have fought you but I can get a glass of water for you just as easily as I can for myself.” Shego brought the filled glasses over and set them down.

Kim nodded and took a drink. They had only been fighting for fifteen minutes but it felt like they had been fighting for longer. Ron was still looking between the two of them, trying to figure out what was going on. Shego turned and looked at him. “What?”

“You weren’t trying to hurt Kim?”

“No. Doy! We were practicing. I don’t want her to get out of shape. If she stays healthy then the kid does as well.”

“Uh…okay?” Ron wasn’t sure what to do at this point.

The two women smiled at this, hiding it by taking drinks of their water at the same time.


“Do we have to do this?” complained Shego, almost whining.

“Yes, we do. This way we can make sure no overzealous Global Justice agent will come after you. This will enable you to stay here.”

Shego was uncomfortable with this plan, as she had mentioned yesterday. Calling the director of GJ seemed reckless to her and not really likely to produce results but Kim was adamant. The thief knew enough about the hero to know that arguing at this point wouldn’t be helpful so she mostly kept her mouth shut. “Fine.”

Kim got the Kimmunicator set up and made the call, with the help of Wade. Soon the one-eyed head of Global Justice was looking out of the screen. “Ah, Ms. Possible, what can I do for you today?”

“Actually, it’s Mrs. Now and I would like you to get any recent charges dropped against Shego, those that have surfaced since the amnesty.” Kim was standing right in front of the screen, to make sure Shego wasn’t visible. This would work better is she waited to spring Shego on the woman later.

“And why should I do that?” asked Betty Director, trying to follow the young woman. It didn’t make much sense to her but she was sure Kim Possible would clarify things soon enough.

“Because I won’t testify against my wife.” Kim had struggled with this line all day, trying to come up with the perfect way to deliver it. She figured that just matter of factly would be the best. It would surely trip up Dr. Director.

“Wait…What?” It was clear that Doctor Director was sure that she was hearing things.

“Shego and I are legally married and she is the other parent of the child I am carrying. There is no way I am going to testify against her, not when she has made it clear to me and my parents that she is trying to give up crime.” Kim was enjoying this and Shego was impressed at how Kim had planned this. Poor Betty was completely off balance by this. Maybe her Princess had a spark of evil after all?

“Ms. Possible…”

“Mrs.” interrupted Kim, trying to make the other woman concede that point. A lot hinged on that.

“Fine, Mrs. Possible, are you out of your mind? Shego’s a criminal and your arch-nemesis.”

“I know that but it is so not the drama.”

“Than why?”

“Because she is the mother of the child I am carrying and she is trying to do right by me at the moment. Why shouldn’t I do this?” replied Kim.

Betty rubbed the bridge of her nose, praying that this really wasn’t happening. It felt like some sort of nightmare. Kim had moved to the side when she looked up and Shego was there on the screen with her. She all but growled, “Shego, is this some sort of joke?”

“Nope. Princess and I are married and I quit working for Dr. D when I found out about this plan to get Kimmie here pregnant. She doesn’t want me to be a criminal and so, that’s what I’m going to do.” Keeping answers simple seemed like a good enough plan to Shego. Too much information could get her into trouble and she didn’t want that. Besides, if Betty wanted more information that would keep her off balance.

Betty looked at the two women, realizing that there really wasn’t anything she could do at this point. Kim was their main witness and without her then cases would be based on purely circumstantial evidence which wouldn’t be enough to convict. “Fine. But we’ll be keeping an eye out. If Shego puts so much as a toe out of line we’ll arrest her.”

Kim shrugged, looked over at Shego who shrugged as well. “That’s fair.”

“Fine.” The head of the Global Justice clicked off, upset by this recent development. She knew she needed a drink and her day was almost up.

Once the Kimmunicator was clear Kim sighed in relief. She sat heavily into her desk chair, making it creak some. Shego sat on the bed, still amazed at how her life had changed in such a short period of time. Kim had just blackmailed the GJ into dropping all charges against her. It was one of the nicest things any one had ever done for her. “Thank you Kimmie.”

“No big. This just gets you out of immediate danger.” Kim waved off the thanks.

“No really Princess. That was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me.” admitted Shego, a bit embarrassed about that really.

Now it was Kim’s turn to be surprised. “Really?”

Shego nodded. “Really.”

Kim was at a loss for words. What she had done wasn’t anything special. It was simply something she would have done for any of her friends. That brought her up short. She considered Shego…a friend? Well, they were married so maybe being friends wasn’t a bad first step to getting to know your spouse. She smiled brightly at the pale skinned woman and gave her a hug. “You’re welcome.”

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