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  • A Dragon is for Life, not just for Xmas

    • wyrm 3 weeks ago
      Minor error - The Ambassador is to the Court of St. James. (Saint James's Palace, as the oldest royal ...
  • ElectroCute 2: 2 Cute, 2 Furry-ous

    • Monica Rose 1 month ago
      Great story. It was good to see Felicia able to get back with her mother and her unexpected sister. I ...
    • Amethyst Amethyst 1 month ago
      Thanks, Cybergirl. This was a lot fun to write, Felicia is just such a wacky character in general, though ...
    • Amethyst Amethyst 1 month ago
      Yeah, I wanted to hit both Felicia and the readers out of nowhere with that bit at the end, though I ...
    • Cybergirl007 2 months ago
      Great story Need more Loved the catnip and testing sections
    • ReadingIsGood 2 months ago
      That was an unexpected twist at the end! It's good to see the two stories linking up here, though.
  • Ewe: On the Lamb

    • Amethyst Amethyst 1 month ago
      Yup, this one was a lot more depressing than last week's story. I cried a lot while writing this.
    • Cybergirl007 1 month ago
      Interesting story A little on sad side Hopefully further chapters are more light-hearted