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Joy to the World

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Third Party Hardy

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Lucifer's Daughter

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Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell

So, you're dead. Kaput. Shuffled off the mortal coil. What happens next? Why, you go to your afterlife of course. But what's in store for you? Well, depending on how you lived your life, you will find yourself either among the ranks of the Damned or the Saved. But what if you want a bit more excitement in your life than just experiencing the afterlife that you earned? As it happens, both Heaven and Hell are looking for souls to become new Angels or Demons. You see, the two sides got into a bit of a war a few thousand years ago. Eventually a truce was brokered, but at the cost of strongest warriors on both sides. In addition, the population explosion on earth has naturally lead to a major influx in souls coming to their doors. Stir in a dash of magic potential, and you are bound to find yourself drafted to become the new Demon (or Angel) on the block.

The Heaven and Hell universe was introduced by Maggie Finson with her story 'The Recruiter' and is set in the In Nomine system.


WAU Disclaimer: The In Nomine Role-playing game is a Steve Jackson Games intellectual property. We don't own or have any say in the trademarks or property rights associated with the games or universe. These stories are not sanctioned or canon. Rather, they are simply set in that environment... similar to fan fiction or to building a campaign setting to share with friends.

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      Thank you so much!
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      Damn this is good!
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      Yeah. This one was hard to write. I jumped right into the psychological horror and trauma with this one.
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      This one was painful to read, there was so much loss before the end and the villain got taken down.