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The Micro-Scenes Thread

31 Jul 2022 02:52 #2086 by cprime
Replied by cprime on topic The Micro-Scenes Thread
GoodTube Video
The video opened with a solitary padlock, resting on a desk. A moment later, a girl's voice began to speak. "Hello, GoodTube land. It's time for some more lock karma. Call me Karma."

The voice paused for a moment as a small pair of hands picked up the lock and pointed the keyway towards the camera. "Today, we have a devisor special from an acquaintance of mine. While I know some of you are itching to pull out their stop watches to see how fast I can pick this, I have a different tool in mind today."

A quick motion, and the lock was held in one hand, broad side up. "That's right, it's time for Mr. Smiley to come out and play. Say hello to Mr. Smiley everyone!"

After a moment of quiet, a rubber mallet slid onto the screen. Plastered on one face of the mallet's head was a large smiley face sticker. In an imitation of a deeper voice, she spoke again. "Hello everyone. Are you ready for a smashing good time?" A momentary pause, then she responded in her normal voice. "We always are Mr. Smiley. For those out there in GoodTube land wondering how Mr. Smiley greets a lock, here's how."

The hands on screen shifted slightly, before she gave the lock a firm tap with the bestickered face of the mallet. In response, the lock popped open. This opening was accompanied by the quip, "Child's play, isn't it." The mallet and opened lock were set down on the desk. "In other news, I'm getting ready for my monthly field trip so all my viewers can see locksport in the wild. In honor of my five thousand subscriber milestone, I'm taking suggestions. Got a lock you want to see me pick? Hit me up in the comments. And remember, lock picking is child's play."
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