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The Micro-Scenes Thread

04 Nov 2023 22:40 - 04 Nov 2023 23:01 #3132 by mhalpern
Replied by mhalpern on topic The Micro-Scenes Thread
with input from our lovely discord
An Artful Competition Between Speedsters:
Imp's ART classroom:
Saturday morning:
Two reinforced Easels stood facing each other in the room, behind them two extremely strong speedsters with very different GSD, one looking like he could star in the Jurassic Park, the other looking like a shoe in for the companion of Peter Pan she chose her code name after. On the chalkboard a theme the contestants are to sketch to: "Larger than Life"

Imp: You two may be wondering why you are here this morning, and not watching classic cartoons. You see it has come to our attention that there has been a prank war going on, normally that just means a bit more cleanup and repair work, and a lot more popcorn, unfortunately security does get a bit concerned when the two parties primarily involved are both Ragers, so they want this resolved pronto. Lucky for you- or perhaps the Sim team, I the marvelous Imp, have an alternative option, a speed sketching competition, you each have 5 minutes to draw someone or something larger than life starting.... Now"

5 minutes later:
Imp: Time.
Razorback eagerly turned his easel around, on it a picture of the other student in the room, though scaled to fit the page- in the bottom left corner "10x" was written...
Tink lifted up her easel and turned it around to show Imp a scene straight out of Manga and Anime, two Kaiju battling over a city- Except that one of them was clearly Dino shaped...


* anyone wishing to continue feel free

Micro scenes and bad ideas are freely adoptable
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