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Tangled Up In Green (Part 11)

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Tangled Up In Green

Heather O’Malley

Kim Possible is owned by the Disney Corporation and they have no connection to this what so ever. These characters are used without their permission and include a plea not to be sued as I have no money.

A/N: This one is much more MA for content. Just saying.

Tangled up in Sheets

“Uhm…so…bed? Are you sure Kim? I mean I don’t want to have you do something you don’t want to do?” replied Shego nervously, her palms beginning to sweat a little. Was Kim actually serious about this, about them taking things to another level? Shego had enjoyed several fantasies about the red head so far and now it looked like maybe some of them might come true. Was she ready for that to happen?

“I was checking up on the law and you know what, we have neglected to consummate this marriage. So I thought you and I might want to do that, just to be legal you understand. Was I wrong?” Kim said coyly, looking at Shego through half lidded eyes.

Shego swallowed hard. The way that Kim was looking at her fueled her desire but what if Kimmie was only playing and not seriously considering sex. She really didn’t have any idea what to do but she wanted to be sure and for her wife to be sure. “No, you weren’t wrong and I want you. I…I just didn’t want to push you into anything you weren’t ready for.”

Kim smiled brightly at the green skinned woman, whose skin was a bit lighter than green tea, and replied, “I’m ready, Eme. My biggest worry ended when I said I loved you and I really do. It still boggles my mind and is so the drama, but this, this is what I want.”

Shego nodded, this was better than any dream she had ever had. This was amazing and something she desired so much that her body started getting ready. Apparently her fantasies were enough to get that motor running and her nipples hardened at the thought and she could feel herself growing wet. She needed to take Kim home now. With a quick glance around she spotted their waiter. When she caught his eye she mouthed, “Check please.”

linebreak shadow

The house was fairly quiet when the two young women got back to the Possible house. The tweebs had apparently sealed themselves into the basement to do an experiment, which had been strengthened since a little mishap with a rocket a year ago. Her parents were in the family room watching TV and simply said their hellos when Kim had called out to them after they had removed their shoes. It certainly seemed like a perfect time to both of them, everyone was distracted and not near her room.

Once they had made their way to the room some what stealthily, despite the fact that there was no need, Kim shut the door and laid a towel across the bottom, to help block out ay sound. She then went to the stereo and started something playing at a sensible volume; it should also mask any sounds they would make and Kim figured that there might be plenty of sounds. “I figured this should cover us so long as no one gets really loud.”

Shego blushed at that, having been told more than once that she was a screamer and she was okay with that. Wanting to take control of the situation again she pulled Kim up close to her and began to slow dance with her, mostly keeping to the rhythm. Kim relaxed in her arms and rested her head on Shego shoulder. After a few songs, Shego looked down and lifted Kim’s chin so that they were looking at each other and the desire was clear on each of their faces. “I love you, Kimmie.”

With that she kissed the teen and it went from a soft, delicate kiss to passionate fairly quickly. Apparently, this was something both of them needed, as the urge to be together came through their mouths. They held each other tightly and the kisses began to trail off the mouth and over the neck, to occasionally bite softly. Shego leaned back and moaned as Kim kissed across her neck, sucking the flesh gently. It felt like a trail of fire moving across her skin and Shego wanted, needed more. Then it was her turn to kiss Kim’s neck and to nibble on the ear a little, which her Princess seemed to enjoy. Kim’s soft moans of approval kept the green woman on her task and she traced her tongue up one side of the neck and kissed across her jawline to reach her lips briefly. Shego could feel Kim’s racing heart whenever her lips pressed against the neck, are her artery pumped furiously.

She began to kiss lower and when she made it to the shirt she gave a slight tug upwards and Kim raised her arms above her head to help in the removal process. Once the shirt was flung away towards the corner of the room, Shego continued kissing her way down to the curve of breast that the bra didn’t cover at the top. Kim curled her hands in Shego’s thick hair to keep the woman where she was and the red head moaned softly from a pleasure she hadn’t really felt before. These sensations were not entirely new, as she had done some petting with Ron but the intensity of the feeling this time was different. This felt better than any other time she had made out with anyone. There was something to it that made her soul yearn for more.

With a small tug, Shego had taken Kim’s breast out of one of the cups of her bra and started letting her tongue trace circles around the nipple, first in wide circles and then spiraling closer. She massaged the other breast with a hand, enjoying the yielding feel of the breast and liking the way the nipple grew hard under her palm. Once Kim’s nipples were fully erect from the teasing, Shego began to lick and suck on Kim’s nipple, flicking the tip lightly with her tongue. This elicited a deep guttural moan in the back of Kim’s throat. “Oh, Shego…”

Shego reached behind Kim and unclasped her wife’s bra one handed, which she then pulled free, exposing both of Kim’s breasts to the cool air of the room. Shego lit up the hand she was rubbing with, simply to the point where it would warm what ever it touched. The now warmer palm on her breast got Kimmie to suck in a breath in surprise. Shego then switched her lips from one nipple to another, cherishing the younger woman’s smaller breasts. They were perfect.

Shego was in heaven; making love to the woman she had loved from afar and now had been thrust into the teen hero’s life due to the stupid plan of Drakken’s. Shego could almost kiss the blue idiot for the marvelous gift he had inadvertently given her, the most wonderful gift she could have imagined. To be in the life of the woman she had been dreaming of for a while was such an overwhelming feeling that she was trying to share with her Princess through her touch. She wanted Kimmie to know just how much she needed the girl, how much she wanted her. That drove her to pleasure her wife to the best of her abilities.

Kim was basking in a haze of pleasure but she realized that Shego was over dressed for this moment as her hands wandered and began tugging on the pale girl’s shirt. With some reluctance Shego let go of the girl’s nipple, a bit of saliva trailing between mouth and hard nipple, moving her head out of the way slightly. With the green skinned girl’s assistance, Kim managed to pull the shirt up and off of her wife, so that she was there only in her black bra with green lace trim. Kim just stared moaning with the satisfaction of Shego’s lips on her. Her body was trembling with the sensation and she could certainly tell how wet she was growing. She wanted more, as her body ached with a need and Shego was fulfilling that.

Changing gears, Shego kissed her way back up Kim’s neck and the two joined their lips passionately, the feeling of their breasts pressing against each other making them feel much more aroused. The feeling was electric. Kim fumbled Shego’s bra free with both of her hands and helped draw it off the pale but strong arms. It ended up discarded amongst the other collection of clothes that were scattered about the room. Their kissing grew more fevered and they were each letting their hands roam, over breasts, butts, thighs, backs, touching each other to drive each other over the top.

Bending her knees and letting her kisses trail down the center of her wife’s body, Shego paused to let her tongue play around the bellybutton and enjoying the happy giggle that the girl let out, her belly bouncing. She then reached the cargo pants that the teen was wearing, her usual mission wear. Shego undid the belt and let them slide free down her lovely hips to the floor, leaving Kim standing there in her white French cut panties. The tangle of red hair was just visible through the material and the thief smiled at the view. Shego leaned in and sniffed deeply, smiling as the scent of her wife filled her nostrils. Kim blushed some as she pulled her feet from her pants, kicking them away. Once she had taken a sniff, Shego leaned forward and exhaled hotly onto Kim’s vulva, through the material, her plasma filled body adding a little more heat to the exhalation.

Kim’s head spun, with the new sensation. It felt intimate, special and served to make her wetter than she already was. She shifted her hips as the wetness was a bit uncomfortable. Shego clutched Kim’s ass cheeks and nibbled some through the material, teeth tugging on the hair. Kim had never felt anything there except the awkward fumbling fingers of Ron which never really got to where they were questing for, so this was startlingly different from anything she had experienced before and it was good, oh so good. With a slight tug, the panties came free and slid down Kim’s trembling thighs, catching slightly in her crotch, as her legs were close together. With a slight lift using her greater strength, Shego toppled Kim onto the bed, face still in the girl’s crotch. Kim chuckled when she fell and bounced slightly on the mattress, and then she gasped, sucking air in from a completely unexpected sensation. Shego was eating her out, the tongue flicking across her clitoris and occasionally licking her full length. She had nuzzled her way in and drank deep of the girl.

While Kim clutched the dark hair tightly, Shego gave herself over to the act, loving the flavor and feel of her wife under her tongue. It was delightful and the green skinned thief realized that she could easily get to be addicted to the taste. Kim tasted perfect to her and she felt like the girl was flooding, gasping for air. Her arms were under Kim’s thighs, wrapping around to hold on by the hip joint. Shego was aware that her neck might be sore later but it would well be worth it. She licked and sucked and let her tongue travel everywhere, paying attention to what made Kim squirm the most.

The sensations flared through Kim and she all but rolled her eyes up in her head from the feeling. A warm, wet feeling of pleasure slowly worked it’s way up her spine, causing her to twist and turn and Kim could only pant and moan under the talented tongue of Shego’s. She grabbed a pillow and screamed her first serious orgasm of her life into it, hoping that it cut off enough of the noise to keep them from being discovered. It was so intense and powerful that Kim’s whole body tensed and shook under the waves of pleasure. When it had run itself out, Kim was limp and felt wrung out, but Shego didn’t stop what she had been doing. Her tongue began to trace circles around the red head’s clitoris, flicking it slightly off and on, to no particular rhythm. Kim moaned deeply in her throat, rumbling her chest with the sound.

She pulled the dark haired woman closer and closer, loving the panoply of sensations that Shego was giving her. She gasped when she felt the tip of one finger trace around the entrance to her vagina, flicking slightly. It grew slicker and slicker with Kim’s fluids and then slowly slid in deeper and deeper into the girl. Her back arched and her mouth opened wide as she drew in a vast lungful of air. Ron had never gotten much farther than playing with her clit so this sensation was new for her as well and god did she love it. Shego let her finger explore inside of Kim, looking for the spot that would make her wife moan the most. It took some dedicated exploration, which Kim didn’t mind to find the spot. Once Kim began stuttering out her moans Shego slid in a second finger and worked that area, alternating between thrusting in and out and rubbing the area for all it was worth. That and her tongue continuing to dance over Kim’s clitoris, finally synching up in time to what her fingers were doing. She lost herself in pleasuring Kimmie.

That wave of pleasure crashed over her again, stronger this time and Kim lost control of herself, her hips bucking forward suddenly and sharply. As she was coming down from the tingly rush that shook her, she never noticed that the fingers had been removed or the warm wet feeling that was beginning to pool on her stomach. Shego asked, in what sounded like a funny voice, like her nose was clogged. “Uhm…do you have a Kleenex?”

Kim raised her head and worked on focusing her eyes, looking down at Shego who was pinching her nose, mostly stopping the flow of blood that was dripping onto Kim. There was a small puddle of blood on her stomach, jiggling slightly with the motion of her breath. Kim took one look at that and started laughing. Nose still pinched, Shego grumbled. “Laugh it up fuzzball.”

Kim grabbed a box of tissues from the bedside table and gave several to Shego and then used some to clean up the blood on her belly. She was still chuckling and that seemed to get to Shego. “What’s so funny?”

“Only we could manage to hurt each other while having sex, you know that right?” asked Kim, sure of what the answer was, and still chuckling.

“Har, har.” Shego sat up with her head down, waiting for the bleeding to stop. Kim probably broke her nose, again. It would be fine once the bleeding stopped and all she would have to do was get the bone back into place and let her healing factor do the rest. Sadly, her own libido had been killed as well, but the desire and frustration remained.

Kim leaned forward, the muscles of her stomach tensing and kissed Shego’s nose softly. “There. I kissed it to make it better.”

Shego glanced up and smiled at the red head, unable to be mad at her after that adorable demonstration of love. “Thanks. I feel much better already.”

Since it felt like the bleeding had stopped, Shego pulled the tissues free of her nose and quickly straightened her nose with a quick downward pull of her hands. She blinked widely from the slight flare of pain that it caused, but the bleeding didn’t resume, for which she was thankful. Everything should be fine in the morning, due to her healing ability except for still having a tender nose. Kim hugged her, nuzzling against the pale neck. Shego liked the feel of the slightly sweaty girl’s body against her. “Are you okay, Eme?”

“Yeah, I’ll be better. It just took me by surprise.” admitted Shego, who had been so focused on what she was doing that she had lost focus on Kim’s movements.

Kim looked worriedly at her wife, her eyes a bit wide. “Do we need to stop? I…I…you know, wanted to return the favor. I just sort of crave that, you know?”

Shego appraised her nose and realized that she could orgasm happily without the nose itself being a problem. To the best of her knowledge her nose wasn’t that important in the whole orgasm process. “I would love that.”

The pale skinned woman lay back on the bed and showed Kimmie that she was clean shaven down there as she spread her legs. Kim stared at the sight, entranced by the way Shego was open like a flower, green on the outside and pink on the inside. She lowered her head to stare at the area between her wife’s legs, taking in the sight. It was beautiful and Kim just was entranced. Shego never felt more exposed in her life than that moment there. It made her feel shy and vulnerable and she blushed, wanting to close her legs but Kimmie’s head was in the way. Kim never noticed.

Tentatively, Kim reached out with her hand and touched Shego’s labia and ran it up and down, exploring the terrain and found the clitoris, traceing circles around it. It was larger than her own by a bit and was easier to see and Kim thought that was awesome. She ran her fingers around it for a short while and then began to stroke it back and forth, holding it between her fingers. Shego moaned appreciatively, Kim’s touch was electric. “Oh, yeah Kimmie…that feels great.”

Kimmie leaned forward a bit hesitantly, worried about how Shego would taste, and she flicked her tongue over the woman’s clit. She got the barest taste of Shego’s musk, but it was a taste that was unexpectedly good. She didn’t know why but it tasted right. She lowered her head to Shego’s vagina and began to lick, growing faster and surer as Shego moaned her approval, grasping the sheets tightly. While the girl’s technique was a bit sloppy, the girl who could do anything brought Shego to a screaming orgasm. Thankfully, she had remembered the pillow as well, though she couldn’t pull it as close across her face because of how her nose felt. Kim redoubled her efforts, as the screams of pleasure felt like applause and Kim wanted more. She thought about what made her feel good and tried to see if the same held true for Shego.

While the teen hero was busy with her tongue, Shego was clutching the sheets, tugging at them as Kim licked her to her second and third orgasms, her head thrashing. Finally, she collapsed in a limp heap on the bed, twitching slightly. Kim crawled up the bed, straddled over her wife and cuddled up against the sweaty woman. She kissed her on the cheek, and Shego smiled, having the post orgasmic aftershocks roll through her occasionally. As the air cooled their skin the two maneuvered themselves under the covers, doing what they could to stay together. They lay on their sides, facing each other, eyes soft and loving. Kim looked at Shego and said. “I love you Mrs. Possible.”

Shego smiled as well, one filled with happiness for one of the most mind blowing experiences of her life. This had been better and more fulfilling than any other encounter she had ever had. “I love you too, Mrs. Possible.”

Kim smiled back and then said. “Thank you.”

“For what?” exclaimed Shego, unsure why the red head would be thanking her now of all times. What had she done now?

“Well, you gave me lots of pleasure and it felt wonderful and I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful experience.” Kim shrugged her one free shoulder.

Shego thought about it, thinking about what Kim was saying. “Well then, thank you as well. It was one of the best experiences of my life.”

Kim reached out and pulled the pale skinned woman in closer for a hug. They held each other for a moment more before Shego rolled onto her back. Kim slid against Shego and rested her head in the other girl’s shoulder. “Good night love.”

“Good night.”

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