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Tangled Up In Green (Part 10)

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Tangled Up In Green

Heather O’Malley

Kim Possible is owned by the Disney Corporation and they have no connection to this what so ever. These characters are used without their permission and include a plea not to be sued as I have no money.

Punk Italian Lederhosen

“Lederhosen, lederhosen, lederhosen, lederhosen…” mumbled Ron, clutching his legs and trembling, his eyes darting wildly. Rufus looked at his owner worriedly.

Kim looked over at the blonde and smiled a little at her gibbering friend. “Looks like Professor Dementor managed to break poor Ron a little.”

Shego smirked, “Well, that was one of the most heinous outfits the idiot has ever worn. And to have his henchmen dressed in those as well. That was even more evil than spiking beer in Germany.”

Kim chuckled. “Yeah. That was pretty bad. I think the local police are going to make their displeasure known.”

The two smiled at each other warmly. Shego came over to where Kim was sitting and looked at her worriedly, sitting down and taking a hand. “Are you sure that you’re okay Princess?”

The red head rolled her eyes. It was bad enough when her mother mothered her like this but Shego… “Yes Eme, I’m fine. Only one henchman got close to me and I only took a hit to the upper back. I just stumbled a little. You’ve hit me harder than that since this had happened so I wasn’t stressed. It wouldn’t have caused any damage to our girl.”

The two women both rubbed Kimmie’s belly protectively and grinned proudly at each other. The warmth between them was almost visible at that moment and they didn’t want it any other way. Shego leaned forward and kissed her wife on the forehead. “I love you Kimmie.”

“I love you too Shego. Now let’s get Ron home and in bed and maybe the two of us can head off to get some dinner.” The dark haired woman nodded at that. Getting something to eat would be a good thing, and definitely no German food. It wasn’t that she hated it but after having been attacked with bratwurst she just couldn’t handle eating anything like that for a few days, weeks, months even. Dementor was a fucking idiot.

“Let me call and see if I can get us some reservations someplace.” said Shego, reaching for her cellphone.

“How about we just go to like Macaroni Grill or Olive Garden or something. Nice-ish Italian with very little wait time. I don’t think we need anything fancy right now. I just want to eat and be with you.” Kim shrugged. She was just hungry and could care less about fancy; it was the company that mattered to her after all.

“Okay. I can do that, if that’s what you want. I usually like going to something a bit more upscale, as the quality of the food is better but, it’s your call Princess.” said Shego agreeably. Basic Italian food would be nice and she could get something that really wasn’t all that heavy. After all, a nice chicken dish with some pasta and she should be able to refill her energy stores and Kim needed to eat enough for her metabolism plus their daughter. This should hopefully solve both food needs.

Kim looked happy that there was a plan in place and they really wouldn’t have to change or anything in order to accomplish it. She was ravenous at this point, thanks to the exertion and the travel time. Her nausea was better now than it had been during the first few weeks of her pregnancy, but it was still there. However, pasta should be simple enough that her stomach would be able to cope with it so long as she didn’t go for anything too spicy. That was her hope anyway. Besides, she was having a hankering for spaghetti and meatballs right now, and that was fine by her. She could almost taste the food and her mouth was watering in preparation.

Once back in Middleton, Shego carried Ron out of the plane as Kim thanked the pilots for the ride home from Munich. Ron was still yammering on about lederhosen, which was amusing and that information would be saved for an appropriate occasion, thought Shego. Maybe Christmas? Ron was easy enough to carry as he wasn’t terribly heavy and the naked mole rat Rufus actually helped her belt him in. She smiled at Rufus which only served to confuse the animal. The dark haired woman went around to the passenger side once she was done, as it wasn’t her car, and climbed in. Kim was there shortly.

They shared a smile as she buckled in. Kim turned the radio on and was surprised to find that her taste in music seemed similar or at least compatible with her wife’s, as Shego didn’t object to the indie rock she had playing. One of the college stations had a good, broad play list which she preferred to the overly created sounds of most pop music. When Shego started quietly started singing along with something, Kim’s eyes really grew wide? She wasn’t singing any better than earlier but it was a pleasant surprise. Kim decided that she liked listening to her wife sing. It didn’t have to be perfect and it made Kim smile. Maybe she could get the green skinned woman to sing to their daughter while she was still inside? That might be really cute.

Her wife. Kim was getting to really enjoy the sound of that, especially since she had come to terms with the fact that she honestly and truly loved Shego. Something had grown between them in their frequent fights and that started had started turning into something else, especially after the whole Miss Go bit. The villain felt to Kim like someone who knew what was going on with her and no one had ever really gotten that. She had been fairly sure that Shego understood the stress and worry that Kim had been dealing with and that Shego could sort of understand everything the teen had been going through. That was what had made the whole Erik mess all the more painful and made Kim hate Shego enough to almost kill her. And finding out that Shego had made her pregnant only had added fuel to that feeling.

It had been clear that something had been bothering Kim before that fight with the joy buzzer and Kim was starting to realize that maybe it was heartache from feeling that Shego had betrayed her. That feeling had begun to fade with finding out that her thief hadn’t actually been involved in either one of those hurtful schemes. Shego hadn’t betrayed her and that realization had lifted her out of her depression. And to realize that her feelings for her former opponent were actually feelings of attraction was pretty big, huge even. She had gone from deep depression to elation in a few days and that had her head spinning almost as much as one of Shego’s kisses did. She honestly loved the green girl and this was making her life more glorious than it had been before, despite how unexpected it all was.

Shego noticed that Kimmie was obviously thinking over something, as that crease between her eyes was a bit sqwuched up in concentration. She rested her hand on Kim’s leg as the red head was driving and just enjoyed the music and the calm, there were enough things running through her head as well. Shego had just gone out and done the hero thing again, even though she had promised herself years ago that she would never do that again. Fighting off an alien invasion was one thing but to go against Dementor was another. She had walked away from that life and had never looked back. It had never bothered her since.

The problem was that Team Possible was nothing like Team Go, in the interactions or the kind of work that they did. Without Hego being all self-important and pompous and some other such nonsense or Mego focusing only on himself, things were a lot better in terms of acting the hero. Maybe the problem wasn’t with the hero work at all but rather with her brothers. There didn’t seem to be any problems with ego in Team Possible and it was a bit shocking. Both Kim and Ron had worked out some sort of way to get her fully involved in the way they did business and hadn’t made a big deal about that. The two of them cared about each other and had each others back at all times. Was this a better way for her to play the hero? Could she do this and be alright with it? Could she be a hero again instead of being a thief? There really was no easy answer to that as her brothers had certainly shaped the way she saw being a hero but she was starting to learn that her brothers certainly weren’t the last word in anything.

Kim looked over at Shego and smiled. Her heart beat a bit stronger just looking at the other woman and it made her chest feel tight. This whole thing was insane but she had never felt so complete in her whole life and the woman next to her was responsible for that. “I love you, you know that?”

Shego smiled back at the red head, blushing slightly at how much emotion seemed to be in those words. There was no way she could doubt the sincerity and depth of emotion that Kimmie had for her and she was just happy to bask in the unfamiliar feeling that this brought up. “I love you too, and I have for a long time.”

Kim looked surprised at that, looking away from the road briefly to face Shego. “Really?”

“Yeah, ever since the Attuidinator. I mean, think about it, one of the only reasons I was hanging out with Barkin was that it turned that part of me a different direction. I felt something for someone besides women and that was the only thing I hated about that entire mess. It was nice being with you, spending time with you and living with you and if the buffoon, and I do mean it this time, hadn’t hit me with the ray I would have been able to tell you how I felt about you.” admitted Shego, a bit hesitantly at first. This was one of the most difficult things she had had to do recently and her Princess deserved to know the truth.

“I think that’s when things started turning for me as well, Eme. When you left I felt a bit hollow inside, so much so that I came home and cried. I didn’t talk to Ron for three days after that I was so pissed.” remarked Kim, frowning a little in memory. “I think that was why I got so upset with you in those other things because I cared for you and then you were gone.”

“Trust me Princess, I never want to get you that mad at me ever again. I was healing for a few weeks after you kicked me into that radio tower, which is odd since I generally heal faster than other people. You really did a number on me. And the look on your face is why I froze and didn’t block the kick. It shocked me and almost tore my heart out. I couldn’t bear to see you look that way.” Shego looked over at Kim and smiled again, patting the girl on the leg. “But it’s okay now. I know that was all really Drakken’s fault for doing that to you and for you doing that to me. I don’t blame you, honestly.”

Kim glanced over quickly at the woman and ran her hand through the dark hair. Those memories still hurt but they had gotten worked out. “It’s okay Eme; I don’t blame you any more. I believe you. But the next time I see Drakken he is so going to get it.”

The two of them chuckled at this. When they paused to breathe they could still hear Ron in the back, still muttering shaken with terror, “Lederhosen, lederhosen, lederhosen…”


The restaurant was nice, it wasn’t fancy but it was nice and Shego had to admit that she did like the flavored olive oil for bread dipping much more than buttered bread. It was a bit classier in her opinion, so long as you didn’t dribble oil down the front of your blouse, which she had managed to avoid. Her enhanced reflexes were good at avoiding spilling food on herself after years of practice. After that mess she had made as a freshman in high school just when she had been visited by the breast fairy she had been very conscientious about that.

Kim seemed to be enjoying herself, eating the oil with some abandon, with her eyes mostly closed in some sort of primal pleasure. Shego couldn’t help but smile at that as it was pretty adorable. Kim paused in her dipping when she realized that Shego was watching her. “Yes?”

“Just watching you enjoy the bread.” remarked the pale skinned woman as she took a sip of her water, her eyes gleaming mischievously.

“Well, the oil and cracked pepper are wonderful.” stated Kim, as she was defending herself from false implications, even though there had been no implications made and merely a stated observation.

Shego chuckled quietly, never taking her eyes off of the teen. “You are cute, you know that?”

“I have heard that before but thank you.” Kim blushed slightly at the compliment. The red tinged her cheeks and covered her ears just a bit.

Shego sat there and looked into Kim’s olive-green eyes happily and content with the world. They were together and that meant there really would never need to be a reason for them to fight as viciously as before. They would just have a chance to be happy. That thought and Kimmie’s eyes made Shego think about something else and knew she had to share it with the young hero. “I wonder what color her eyes are going to be?”

Kim looked over into the bright green eyes of her wife and nodded thoughtfully. She had been kind of wondering that as well. “Maybe some sort of in between color? Whatever the case I am sure they’re going to be green, one way or the other. Oh, what about hair?”

Shego tried to think and figure this out but it really wasn’t all that clear to her. “Well, I think black hair is a dominant gene, so black?”

“But I have red hair and my dad’s isn’t, so maybe my red is a dominant gene?” countered Kim.

“Bi-colored hair?” questioned the dark haired woman, putting out a doubtful option but a fun one.

Kim chuckled at that idea some. She could sort of picture that in her mind, a little girl with half of her hair red and the other deep black. “I can just see that. She would look so punk.”

A quirked eyebrow turned on her. Did Pumpkin just say what she thought she said? “Punk?”

“Well more the neo-punk rather than classic. I can’t see her being that Punk after all, I guess.” stated Kim, as she smirked at Shego.

“And just how do you know about Punk, Princess? I thought you listened to the Oh Boyz and crap like that? Granted you seemed to enjoy some good indie stuff, but Punk?” That Kim even knew the differences between old and new punk was just astounding to Shego. Maybe she was just talking crazy and using things she knew nothing about.

“Well, one mission had me helping Henry Rollins. That got me into Black Flag, Henry Rollins Band, Butthole Surfers, Sex Pistols and everything else from the seventies and eighties punk scene. A lot of the newer stuff just doesn’t have the same bite. The music’s pretty fun once you get used to it. He really helped me to expand my musical range. It was nice.” explained Kim, smiling softly.

“Wow…that is pretty cool. I never would have guessed that you would be into something like that.” admitted Shego. “I mean you always came across as so goody-goody.”

“Well, you know, don’t judge a book by its cover. Just because I look all wholesome and stuff doesn’t mean I’m that way on the inside. I mean, you might just be surprised by some of the stuff that goes through my head.”

The conversation changed and rambled about as they ate. Shego and Kim laughed a few times at some of the stories shared of some of their adventures that hadn’t crossed over. They both managed to learn a bit more about each other and that was a good thing in both of their opinions. They were each enigmas to the other and little clues like these helped them to find out who their partner really was. It helped clarify things so that when Shego nervously stretched her hand out across the table Kim reached over and took it.

“So, what would you like to do now, Pumpkin?” Shego’s voice was heavy with suggestion, wanting to try and take things to another level if at all possible. Just being around Kimmie was getting her libido all riled up and she wanted relief.

Kim thought about it and when one idea crossed her mind it caused her to blush. That blush made Shego quirk her eyebrow at the teen in question. Kim regained her composure and managed to say to her wife calmly. “Well, I was thinking about going to bed.”

Shego looked a bit down over the whole thing, having wanted to spend more time away from the parents and siblings, more time just being with her amazing wife. She wanted to go dancing or something, anything to keep the evening alive, to keep them talking. But then again, Kim was pregnant, so maybe the girl didn’t want to go out? If she was tired then maybe taking her wife home and letting her get some sleep would be a good thing? Keeping both Kim and her child healthy were what was ultimately important. There would be other nights for them. “Okay Princess, if you’re tired you can go home and sleep.”

Kim smiled impishly at the older woman, her olive-green eyes sparkling playfully. Her lips curled seductively when she replied, “I said going to bed Eme, I never said anything about getting some sleep.”

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Thank you all for reading and commenting. The more comments the merrier. Hopefully you have all been enjoying the ride and are enjoying where this is heading. Just know that I am working on Chapter 16 and have much further to go.

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