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Tangled Up In Green (Part 9)

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Tangled Up In Green

Heather O’Malley

Kim Possible is owned by the Disney Corporation and have no connection to this what so ever. This is used without their permission and includes a plea not to be sued as I have no money.

Basket Case

Since the weekend was upon them, Shego and Kim were going off to do something together, namely go on a picnic to one of the nicer parks. Her mom had happily agreed to make and pack a meal for the two of them but first Kim headed over to Monique’s house right after breakfast. Her head was spinning with all sorts of thoughts and ideas involving Shego and she needed to speak with her best female friend to get some prospective. Ron might not understand some of the things and would certainly not have the same perspective. It was a girl thing after all and Ron was most certainly not a girl, despite jokes to the contrary. Kim had emailed Mo last night and made the arrangements. She really needed to talk.

Monique opened the door as Kim knocked, smiling broadly, still dressed in her pajamas. “Hey there girl, what’s up?”

“Monique, I got a problem and I wanted to talk to you about it.” said Kim with very little preamble, which wasn’t completely out of character. Her shifting from foot to foot however was.

“Shoot.” replied Monique as she stepped aside to make room for the red head.

“Mon’ I think…no I know I am falling for someone and it’s making me freak out.” admitted Kim, a bit nervously. She had tried to figure out what she was going to say on her way over here but this was the best hat she could come up with.

“Who? Wade?” asked Monique, trying to keep things light, sensing that Kim was just a bit on the stressed side.

Kim shook her head, her red hair bouncing. “No, it’s not Wade. It’s someone else.”

“Are you just going to make me wait for it? Who?” said Monique, a bit impatiently.

Kim looked down at the ground and Mon could see color in her cheeks. She knew that this was going to be good and she could barely wait for the name. “It’s…it’s Shego.”

“Green girl? You’re falling for green girl? No way.” Monique’s eyes went wide with this admission. It han’t been near the top of her list of possible suspects.

Kim nodded, looking at the ground. “Yeah, it’s true. I know Monique, that its crazy but I can’t help what I feel. When she admitted that she didn’t know about getting me pregnant or being involved in the synthodroid event something changed for me. I started seeing her as someone other than my arch-nemesis and someone who could possibly be my friend.”

“Friend is not the same as falling for, Kim. If you are falling for her and don’t want to then maybe you need to back off some.” said Monique trying to be the helpful caring friend but unsure exactly what she needed to say here. This was the best she could do without a scorecard letting her know what kind of support Kim needed.

“Back off? How? We’re married and it’s all my fault. Dad mentioned what he would ask a guy to do in this particular situation, so Shego asked him if that’s what he wanted her to do a bit confused by the point he was making and then I challenged her to do that. I was being a brat and trying to prove that Shego didn’t care about the baby and I was sure that she would run. She didn’t and we’re now married.”

“I knew you guys got married but how could you do that Kim, you know that Shego is about as competitive as you are, if not more. That was all but forcing her to marry you.” Monique was shocked at the way Kim had almost manipulated the green girl into this. It was a side of Kim that she had never even known had existed.

“I know. I know. It’s just that I was grumpy and tired and was sure that Shego was lying to me and I just wanted to throw her words back into her face.” quietly admitted Kim, looking down at the carpet. “I’m not happy I did that Monique.”

“Okay, okay. I got it. What else?”

“Well, I begrudgingly went along with this, knowing that my parents had both decided that I needed to do this. However, when it was time to kiss the bride we did, since I had to play my part in that farce and oh my god Mon’ it felt better than any other kiss I have ever had in my life.” Kim almost stammered the last part out, her face almost as bright as her hair.

“Really? Better than Ron?” asked Monique, with her eyes wide. This was certainly unexpected. To her understanding Kim was as straight as a ruler so the revelation that she enjoyed kissing another woman and Shego at that was a bit of a shock to say the least.

Kim nodded, her eyes distant, watching something in her mind’s eye. “I have never felt like that kissing anyone Monique. Even that magical kiss with Ron at the Junior Prom was nothing like that kiss. I felt electric, all of my nerves tingling. My nipples got hard and I got really excited. I…I didn’t want it to stop, Mon, I just wanted to keep kissing her right there in front of my parents and that justice of the peace. Mon’ is there something wrong with me?”

After a short pause, “Kim, nothing’s wrong with you. Okay…maybe you’re really a lesbian, which might explain a good deal of your dating issues and that’s okay. That doesn’t change how awesome you are. If you have feelings for Shego than have feelings for her. I mean, she is your wife after all. How wrong would loving her be?” Monique smiled softly at her friend, reaching out to touch her shoulder comfortingly.

Kim smiled faintly, wistfully, but still couldn’t look up at her friend. “You won’t hate me if I’m a…you know…lesbian?”

“Kim we have been friends for a while now so there is no way I am going to let something like your new ‘lifestyle’ get in the way of us being crazy old ladies together.” joked Monique, but her meaning was serious.

Kim smiled up at her, pulling herself out of her funk. “Thank you Monique. That really means a lot to me. Oh…Oh…check out the rings that Shego got me!”


“Have fun girls.” called out Mr. Dr. Possible, as the newlyweds left the house on their picnic.

Shego was carrying the basket of food and Kim had the keys to the family car, since she had her license. Kim knew where they were going and wanted to be the one to drive, as she had some thinking to do on the way there and not breaking her train of thought to answer too many questions would be useful. They listened to the radio on the way over, occasionally singing along with some song or other. Both were surprised that the other couldn’t really sing all that well, having expected either to sing quite well. They didn’t exactly suck but they weren’t very good at it either but they did have fun.

Kim was rolling what she felt for Shego over and over in her mind. That kiss had truly shaken her and her feelings were also moving in ways she had never expected. Given the fact that a few days ago Kim would have been fine with putting the woman in the hospital that she was starting to want the woman, in a way she had never really wanted a man, was confounding. She also was able to smile more, especially if Shego was smiling. Her wife also was taking care of her and that was so unexpected. The fact that Shego was beautiful enough to take her breath away was also a new development, although nothing about Shego had changed.

She knew that this meant something and she had a sneaking suspicion as to what that was exactly. She had been looking for that for years, and she hadn’t found it in Josh, or Ron, or Eric or anyone. In a lot of ways what she was coming to realize was terrifying, almost as much as finding out tat she was pregnant had been. She looked over everything she had worked out in her head and had to admit that the conclusion was clear. That was almost enough to get her to run away then and there, though it would have been more helpful to kick Shego out of the car first.

Kim took a deep breath, letting it out slowly, reached over and rested a hand on Shego’s thigh as she drove. The thief looked down at her leg and then over at Kim, surprised by the intimate action. The red head was smiling and focused on driving, and her hand was there sort of unconsciously, squeezing slightly. Shego smiled at this, enjoying the feel. Maybe Kim did actually like her? Was there really hope for them then?

Once Kim reached the park and pulled into the parking lot, they both got out and headed to a shaded area that overlooked a nice lake that was to the south of the city. It was a good picnic spot and Kim had been there before, but this time things just might be different. Shego flipped out the blanket and they sat there looking out at the water for a little bit. It was a nice quiet moment between the two of them and Kim ended up resting a hand on Shego’s, trying to interlace the fingers.

“Shego…” Kim’s voice was soft and somewhat contemplative. This was a bit of a surprise for Shego as Kimmie was usually much more forceful in how she spoke.

“Yes Kimmie?” Shego was unsure about what the teen was going to say and that made her nervous. Shego really hated being nervous as it made her palm’s sweat.

“I…I just wanted to let you know that… I love you.”

“Really Princess?” Shego was a bit surprised. She hadn’t expected to hear that at all, ever. True it was what she felt towards Kim but those words being used towards her…never thought it was going to happen. Drakken would win the Nobel before those words would be said, but there they were. Princess loved her. Kimmie loved her. Kimberly Ann Possible, teen hero loved her. It made her head swoon some. She just smiled happily at the idea.

“Really. I thought about it and I love you. I don’t know why but we have always kind of known each other better than anyone else around us. Well, you certainly knew me and I don’t think the synthodroid thing would have hurt me as much if it hadn’t been for the fact that I felt something towards you and felt so betrayed by you. I am so sorry that I hurt you because of that.”

Shego leaned forward and hugged her wife, kissing her on the cheek. “Kimmie, it’s okay. I’m sorry for my part in that as well. And trust me; I know who is really to blame for me getting kicked into that Radio Tower. That’s why I quit working for the blue idiot once I heard about this. But, I’m not really sure that I regret this particular chain of events.”

With that, Shego rested a hand on Kim’s lower abdomen, smiling down.

Kim smiled softly at the dark haired woman, putting her smaller hands over Shego’s pale hand almost possessively. “Good. You’re important to me Shego and I want the three of us to be a family. Do you think we can do that?”

Shego choked up over that, struggling to maintain some sort of composure as her emotions swelled to near bursting. While she wanted nothing more than to have just that, there were still things that Pumpkin needed to know before Shego would accept fully. “I’m not that good at being in a family Pumpkin, but I will give it a try.” admitted Shego. “I mean you’ve met my brothers. My parents were worse than Mego and Hego combined. Very much the opposite sort of role models that both you and I want for our daughter. I’m just worried that because of them I won’t be a good mom to our daughter or a good wife to you. It actually scares me.”

“Shego, you aren’t your family. They may have had a strong hand in making you who you are today but they are not who you’ll be tomorrow. Only you can decide who you’ll become.” Kim leaned forward and kissed the dark haired woman softly, running a soft hand across the pale skin. “Look who you decided to become so far?”

It wasn’t a very loud scoff but it was clear what Shego thought of her own self-determination. “A thief and a villain?”

“No, my wife and a mother. You didn’t have to come and see me but you did. You didn’t have to show that you cared about me but you did. You didn’t have to agree to marry me but you did. You didn’t have to really kiss me but you did. All of these are choices you have made that make you someone very different from the woman who worked for Drakken. You have become someone I love Shego, for who you are and that didn’t happen because of anyone but you.” Kim held Shego’s face, staring the woman in the eyes, trying to make her believe in herself like Kim believed in her.

Shego blushed and looked away. “I love you too Kim but I am not comfortable with dealing with all of this. I have avoided things like this for a reason.”

Kim sighed softly in frustration. “But you’re here now and I’m here to help you deal with it. Shego, I have never felt like this about anyone, even Ron. My heart races just looking at you and I can see us together forever. I’m not going to be going anywhere, Eme.”

Shego blinked in confusion. What? “Eme?”

Kim blushed and looked away at the grass, whose green blades only made her blush more. “Uhm…well…you know how you have nicknames for me?”


“Well, I made one for you. Emerald, Eme for short.” Kim looked straight down, but the heat of her blush had even crawled up her ears, making them burn bright red. It was a cute sight and would be lovely armor for weapons.

Shego smiled. She had been called all sorts of things in her life, a lot of which weren’t very nice or polite but this was both cute and nice. Emerald, kind of like she was Kimmie’s jewel. Just maybe she could live with this. “Eme…I like it. Kimmie and Eme. That’s enough to give anyone sugar shock.”

Kim giggled at this and hugged Shego. “Good. I was hoping you would approve.”

After just holding each other for a while, relishing in the feel of each other against them, they unpacked the food and enjoyed lunch. Shego had helped Kim’s mom prepare things and the food was good. Once they finished they both lay down and stared up at the sky, watching the clouds move overhead, Kim’s head resting on Shego’s belly. It was a nice quiet moment and something the two of them rarely had. They both drifted asleep.

Beep beep be beep!

Kim blinked her eyes open at the sound. Wade? She managed to find her Kimmunicator and turn it on, wiping sleep from her eyes and yawning. “What’s the sitch?”

“Got a hit on the website, seems like Dementor is up to something in Germany. There is a report of him doing something strange at a brewery in Munich.”

“Okay. Transportation?” Kimberly slipping into mission mode.

“I can have something to you in ten minutes.” replied Wade, confidently.

“What about at the airport? I am a little over five minutes out from there right now.” asked Kim.

“No problem. I have something getting Ron right now. He’ll meet you there.” It was clear enough that Wade’s keystrokes were easy to make out.

“Please and thank you.” Kim sat up and looked at Shego, whose eyes were watching her intently. “Come with me.”

“What?” Shego sat up a bit surprised at this request. Her go play with the buffoon and Dementor? That is a bit on the odd side.

“Come with me. I can’t fight as hard right now, as I don’t want to put our daughter into any danger but I want to keep going on missions for the time being. Please come with me. I want you to watch my back.” pleaded Kim, aware that she wasn’t at her best physically because of the pregnancy and embarrassed by that.

“Are you sure of that? Watching your back I mean?” asked Shego, having not expected this and chiding herself for not having figured that out sooner. Surely she would be expected to have her wife’s back.

“Shego, Ron can fight fairly well and he is great as distracting people, but I don’t want our little girl to get hurt. I need you there Eme…to keep the two of us safe.”

When Kim said that and rested her hand on her belly, Shego knew that she really had no argument. There was no way she was going to let any one hurt them, let alone some sauerkraut eating Dr. D. Also, Kim using her new nickname in such a way was a bit unfair but she didn’t mind. “Okay, Kimmie, I’ll take care of that with you. Can’t let my best girls get hurt now, can I?”

The two hustled to the car and Kim sped out of there, wanting to ensure the two of them would make it to their pick up time. In no time flat they bounded up into a private jet along with Ron and Rufus, who had arrived before them. Shego still thought of him as the buffoon but maybe being nice to him would be a help to Kimmie. It rankled some but keeping the peace between them was a bit more important than poking at Stoppable. Besides, Ron would screw himself up if given enough rope so why prod? Besides, teasing Kimmie had always been the better fun and Kimmie got no enjoyment from the Ron Baiting.

Working with anyone as a hero was a bit odd for her. These two weren’t as stupid as her brothers and seemed to work well together, much to Dr. D’s irritation. They were competent even if Ron had an uncanny ability to lose his pants at the drop of a hat. This would be different and maybe worth doing as they actually were having discussions about best areas of entry and best possible ways to take care of the problem. That was when she realized that she wasn’t exactly dressed for fighting.

“Kimmie?” asked Shego nervously.

“Yes?” replied Kim a bit absently, as she was going over the blueprints again.

“You wouldn’t happen to have one of my cat suits, would you?” she asked hopefully.

Kim sat back and thought about what she had in her gear bag. “I’m so sorry Shego, I don’t have anything with me but my own mission clothes. However, I do think there might be an extra set in the bag that should fit you.”

Shego looked into the bag and found two sets of clothes, one of which had a long sleeved shirt that wasn’t a crop top. Shego took those out and looked at them. “I guess these will do.”

Once changed into the cargo shorts and the long sleeved shirt, she looked at her reflection in the mirror. No way. She looked like she was cosplaying Princess. There was no way she was actually going to wear this to actually fight anyone. “Shego, come on out. I want to see how it looks on you.”

Shego sighed deeply and stepped out of the bathroom. Kim’s eyes widened in delight, since Shego looked so cute dressed just like she was. “That looks so cute on you.”

Yep, someone was definitely going to pay for this and Shego would delight in making her displeasure known to Dementor by inducing five fingered impact trauma until her pain faded. Doy!

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A/N: Life is going to be happening so things may slow down, update wise. And there might be special update days where I let out another chapter. Comments can help make that happen. Really…

Thank you for reading.

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